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Alternatively titled, Girl Finds Wisdom Through Clothes Rack  In retrospect, the window between January to June was a strange one. For me, at least. For the most part, it was tepid. It was neither electric nor dull, neither warm nor cold. A

There’s a lot of negativity to counter  There are crystals on my office mates’ desks, sage in my friend’s apartment. There’s news of the government turning on its heels––against its own laws––and a torrent of arguments about it on my Facebook

We’re all different people in the bedroom. Sometimes our bed behavior is the complete contrast of our day-selves, sometimes it’s the exact same thing. Sometimes it surprises people and sometimes it surprises ourselves. So, where do you fall? Dom/Sub? Top/Under?

It feels great and weird at the same. Here’s what you need to know about going commando, from the health benefits to when it’s most ideal to ditch that underwear

How and why I cheated on every relationship I had

"I’ve learned in the many years I’ve known and made Him known is you do not preach people into belief; you love them to it.”

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