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As a woman, I ask: Do male beauty standards have bearing on real men?     I grew up with girls that skipped their lunches to lose a few inches, that perfected makeup in high school to accentuate cheekbones and pucker their lips.

Society is more welcoming to complaints of fatigue over claims of men’s mental health issues; something physical is more acceptable. Why?

When a routine is fallen into, we seek for what love means for couples now. Does love transform?

It’s said often enough that no one is perfect and that no relationship is perfect, so let’s not beat around the bush. We asked what partners what to change about each other

With election day drawing nearer and nearer, it’s important to know who Millennials are voting for. After all, they take up about a third of the entire nation’s population.

Not everyone’s career takes the same path, but the experiences are generally similar. Here, career lessons from people that have lived them

Do you remember your first kiss? Your best? And—eww—your worst? Well, these people give us the dirty, the cheesy and everything in between.

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