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We all want to make a good first impression, but should we?     An ex-boyfriend of mine and I were chatting about his current relationship recently (yes, I’m one of those weirdos who is always friends with their exes), and we got

Everything’s a little funnier in hindsight. Here, real people share their bad date stories

Comedian Daniel Sloss gives us a wake-up call: we've romanticized love for far too long.

This is how we met, this is how we fell in love. Real people share their real life love stories.

Alternative dating advice for guys who choose decency over lays     I was recently asked about my thoughts on PUA Academy. It was the first time I had heard about it, so I did a quick online search and—would you look

We all have our addictions—cigarettes, coffee, drugs—but for the people that we date, the story may be different.

Dating isn’t for everybody, and that’s okay. Here’s to being your own best companion, ladies and gents.

The modern world of dating can be a confusing place—not to mention an annoying one. Here, we discuss what some call the new ghosting: Orbiting.

The dating apps that the digital world has to offer are great for some people—though it depends on what they’re looking for. I took to Tinder and this is my tale. This is me in an attempt at finding love,

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