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How fashion leaders are navigating through a complex and uncertain world

The +J collection is what I want my post-quarantine wardrobe to look like

Read: Comfort! Style! Clothes—you can shop or unearth from your current closet—to live in and through the now and beyond     Among the mixed bag of essentials and non-essentials I bought this year, clothes weren’t one of them. I figured, (I might)

Enter the multi-brand e-commerce platform by the SSI Group     Adapt. Pivot. These words I’ve heard countless times over the course of quarantine. Even for already digital brands like Wonder, there was a need to adapt to changing behaviors and pivot plans.

Adapting to the future one digital trend at a time

The Likhang HABI Market Fair has officially gone digital

Because sharing is caring!     Am I the only one who’s kind of selfish about sharing her fashion wish list? I can’t be. Maybe it’s the none-too-irrational fear that someone else’s decisive finger is going to beat you to the ‘buy’ button

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