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If you’re up for a different kind of Halloween, why not take an adventure to some of these haunted places in the Philippines?

The season is definitely calling for some horror games     Some people like to celebrate the end of October with drinks in crowded bars and loud music. Others sleep in to prepare for the next morning’s traffic and the succeeding hours under

The Master of Horror will see you now     There’s a reason why I only read non-fiction. Dark fantasy and fiction novels take me to a place in my head I can’t escape. For some, words paint a stronger, clearer image in

While still scary AF, the movie franchise somewhat turned Annabelle on its head and we’re not quite sure how to feel about it

In Erik Matti’s Kuwaresma, which stars John Arcilla and Sharon Cuneta, we see what the Filipino horror genre might just shape up to be

The remake of Stephen King’s Pet Sematary does well in aspects that might surprise you. For one thing, it’s not as much a thriller as you’d think.

Indie movies are growing in number by the year, but where do we, as film-watchers, first dip our feet?

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