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When a routine is fallen into, we seek for what love means for couples now. Does love transform?

A crash course in female contraceptives 101, because the condom isn't your only option.

It’s the most basic question you should be asking yourself

This is how we met, this is how we fell in love. Real people share their real life love stories.

The sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship is a curious one. Here, we sit down with someone who lives a little closer to their world.

Love language is essential—especially when it’s gift giving season. Now is the time to go the extra mile and really make sure your partner feels loved.

The solitary exercise of moving on can sometimes feel like a competition. But in this race where society dictates a 3-month rule waiting time, who wins?

Relationship deal breakers: Real or imagined?  You know how when you’re a kid watching some romantic comedy you think you understand, and you look at the protagonist and think you want his/her characteristics in your own partner one day? Or maybe

"I’ve learned in the many years I’ve known and made Him known is you do not preach people into belief; you love them to it.”

Makeover movies that go beyond a skin-deep “before” and “after”

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