Go From Corporate To Celebrations: A Holiday Editorial

Trends may come and go, but the ability to turn a corporate-appropriate fit into one that’s celebration-ready is always going to come in handy. And what celebrations are bigger than the ones that fall during the end-of-the-year holidays? 


In this editorial, we explore the art of going from day to night with a few flashes of skin, color play and strategic accessories.

Left: MONOHOMME sage green vest and shorts

Right: HA.MÜ birthday crown worn as top, FICKLE FRIENDS silver neckpiece, MAZEE gold necklace

The corporate space is changing, and neutral blacks and beiges are no longer the norm. More and more, people are injecting color into their wardrobe, and we’re here for it! Play into that this holiday season, and you’re sure to turn heads in both the boardroom and the dance floor.

Left: NICOLÒ denim jacket, IMMA denim flared pants, MAZEE necklace, OVERLAY bag

Right: A – Z denim halter top, REVMS earrings

And of course, a little skin play. Nothing says you’re out for a night in the town quite like a tasteful display of skin. Besides, while the AC is always blasting in the office, it’s not always the case in restaurants, bars and clubs. Blame all the dancing bodies and liquor being passed around—hey, we’re just trying to be comfortable!

Left: HA.MÜ cropped puff sleeve shirt, JUDE MACASINAG necktie, MAZEE earrings, MINSAN bag

Right: ROD MALANAO skirt work as top

Then again, some skin-baring moments call for a complete disregard of the traditional corporate top. What you’re hiding underneath it is completely up to you, but may we suggest a strikingly bright hue to amp up the festive moods?

Left: ANTONINA trench coat, A – Z cord necktie, OVERLAY bag, MELISSA x MARC JACOBS clogs

Middle and Right: JUDE MACASINAG body morph shirt, RENZ REYES skirt, MIRRO BEADS orchid necklace, PINK PAKWAN bag

But we’re not here to question you if you’re the type to make two completely different statements in one day. Maybe just make sure you’ve got a safe place to store your fits? 


Go minimalist in the day, elevating your look with statement accessories and an attitude to match. Once the clock hits the end of your work day, throw on a completely different vibe. Ditch the blacks and go for something more vibrant. Throw in different textures and fabrics while you’re at it.

The holidays are meant to be fun, festive and free of worries. So whatever the vibe of your reunions, parties or all-out-shenanigans, your fit shouldn’t be the thing that brings you down. It’s the time to show up, stand out and play around!

Throw on those statement accessories, wear that color you’ve been dying to but have been too afraid to rock. Experiment with textures, textiles and silhouettes—and leave everyone with something to talk about until the next year rolls around.

Happy holidays, and happy dressing!

From Corporate To Celebrations
From Corporate To Celebrations

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Creative Direction and Photography Wilmark Jolindon

Fashion Direction and Styling Yana Kalaw assisted by Dae Vilda

Model EJ Nacion

Hair and Makeup Ida Siasoco

Location Ad Astra Studio

Additional Photography Vince Tanching


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