ASUS’s Latest ROG Laptop Line Innovates Gaming On The Go

ASUS’s Latest ROG Laptop Line Innovates Gaming On The Go

The next generation is something to aspire to (have)



Last June 26, ASUS launched their latest ROG laptop line through a livestreamed event on Facebook. Starting off the launch were presentations from Intel and Nvidia, which showcased the state-of-the-art technology that went into this batch of laptops. 


First was Intel and their 10th generation of processors, which provide better and faster performance for multi-tasking and program usage. From the i5 to the i9, there were significant increases in processor performance from previous generations. Intel stated that the newest i9 could clock in at a whopping 5.3ghz processing speed, providing that extra power that the newest games require to run smoothly. Nvidia was next with a new set of video cards. The 2070 and 2080 Super, which come with RTX ray tracing, were designed to provide a more detailed and immersive visual experience for gamers. 


These updates help boost the power of the ASUS ROG series, aiming to push them into the upper echelon of gaming laptops. After the presentations, the livestream proper began and was facilitated by ROG ambassador Leo. 



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Starting off was ROG Philippines business development manager Lenny Lin. Lin shared a few words regarding the inspiration behind this latest lineup of ASUS laptops, which was followed by a short trailer showcasing the different lines being launched. After, there was a detailed discussion on the different upgrades the line is bringing to the table: the 10th generation of Intel processors, the updated Nvidia graphic cards, 3200 Hz Dual-Channel 5D RAM and Raid 0 SSD Technology, forming the backbone of these upgrades. The exclusive liquid metal cooling technology from Thermal Grizzly is also included, which gives better cooling by up to 10 degrees more than thermal paste. 


For a gamer, these highlight a level of development possible to enable us to bring our gaming hardware on-the-go without losing out to desktop counterparts. 


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Introducing: Zephyrus

The ASUS ROG Zephyrus lineup was first on the docket, with ROG Hero-Goddess Ann Mateo showcasing this multitalented device, designed with a balance between work and play in mind. With a sleek and mobile design, these laptops are made to fit in any environment you will need them in. 


ROG Technical PR Officer Franz Chang then discussed the inner workings of the Zephyrus line. The Zephyrus is built with an Active Aerodynamic System (AAS) that boosts airflow by up to 20%, providing that much needed cooling no matter where you are. A type-C charging port gives the user more options to charge the unit while on the go. Meanwhile, the Thunderbolt 3 support gives you the potential to connect across various devices, thus enabling multiple uses from project to presentation, to linking with your workstation for even more use points. 


Enabled with WiFi-6 compatibility, which creates an easier and stronger connection, we should have uninterrupted connections, especially so we don’t get those spikes in ping while playing. All this tech, plus the latest updates for the ROG line-up make for a highly recommendable laptop that basically doubles as a mobile workstation. 


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Hello, Scar and Strix

The ROG Scar and Strix followed, presented by ROG Hero-Princess Dexie Diaz, which aim to target a wider range of gamers than the previous generation. The collaboration between BMW and ROG continues in this line, achieving a sleek and futuristic look while still providing top-of-the-line thermal performance. It creates that status symbol, a blend of beauty and functionality. 


ROG Philippines product manager Linus Go caught our attention as he discussed the new designs that are coming with the ROG Strix 15 and 17. Keeping the Simple Black familiar to previous owners, ROG added two new designs to give gamers a change to standout beyond just their games. The Glacier Blue design gives a cool, icy look to the gadget, while the Electro Punk blends dark black with intense pink thus creating that radical look for those who are just as radical themselves. 


Franz Chang then detailed the inner workings of the ROG Scar lineup, the more high-end version of the Strix. The Scar 15 and 17 sport a 300Hz monitor with a three-millisecond response time. Furthermore, the new and improved Keystone 2 system allows for various customizations. 


The ROG Strix and Scar aim to give you a top-of-the-line experience at a more affordable price—a win-win situation for any gamer out there. 


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Last but not the least: the ROG Zephyrus Duo

Presented by ROG Hero-Boy Wonder Matthiaos and Linus Go, the ASUS ROG Duo is an innovative foray that tries to achieve the performance and capacity of a desktop within a laptop. One key difference for laptops and desktops has always been the capability for multi-screen use. While laptops generally only function with one, desktops have expanded to cover multiple, allowing people to gather data or work on multiple tasks without having to minimize or cover an application. Aiming to bring some of this functionality to laptops, the ASUS ROG DUO presents a built-in second screen that rises with the main screen. This second screen sits at a comfortable angle for viewing and interaction and is even equipped with touch screen functionality to allow for easy interaction with other applications or tools.


The ROG Duo comes in a 15-inch and 17-inch variation for the main screen, making sure you have enough real estate should you want to use it solo. But with the built-in second screen, the divide between desktops and laptops is undoubtedly shrinking.


Equipped with an I9 10th generation processor and a Nvidia 2080 Super video card, this laptop is able to run different games and programs simultaneously while keeping performance high—perfect for those streamers who want seamless interaction while playing live. WiFi-6 compatibility then ensures better network connection, even when you are on the go, resulting in LAN-like quality wherever you go. 


Now, with all this power, you might be worried about overheating, but ASUS addresses this issue with a large vent underneath the second screen, providing better airflow while still keeping the laptop quiet. 


The ASUS ROG Duo is an investment in the long term as a multi-functional piece of hardware. It fulfils all your PC needs no matter where you go without lugging that heavy desktop with you.




Overall, The Asus ROG 10th generation Intel line-up is an innovative and incredible line-up of gaming laptops for all types of users. From the Zephyrus Duo down to Strix lineup, Asus ROG provides you with desktop quality gaming, on the go, without compromising mobility.  


To view the full catalog of ASUS ROG laptops, click here



Words Renz Ramirez

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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