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What are your thoughts on primer?

1. It’s the perfect match for my foundation on days when I want to even out my skin texture and minimize my pores.
2. I love it. The foothold of a good, glowy makeup look is a foolproof, illuminating primer.
3. Not a must, but when I reach for a hydrating primer when my skin needs an extra boost.
4. I only use primer when I need my makeup to stay on all day.
5. I’m not picky about primers, as long as the product does its job.

What’s your favorite skin makeup product?

1. Dewy liquid foundation with light to medium coverage for that lit-from-within glow.
2. Shimmery highlighter and my trusty bronzer.
3. Cream contour and highlighter to really enhance my bone structure (or fake it, at least!).
4. My concealer and concealer—the perfect recipe for pristine coverage.
5. I like anything that leaves a clean canvas for my eye and lip looks.

What is your eye makeup routine like?

1. I want all the colors in a variety of formulas. I love getting creative with my eye looks, it’s the best part of getting ready!
2. I like palettes that make pairing up shades easy, while giving me the freedom to go from pared back to dramatic.
3. It’s all about smokey eyes and jewel tones, as far as I’m concerned. Give me a palette with either (or both)!
4. I don’t wear eyeshadow all the time, but when I do, I look for good color payoff and a good helping of shimmer.
5. All I need is a swipe of liquid liner and I’m good to go!

Next: let’s talk blush. What do you look for when shopping for the stuff?

1. Finely milled powder, smooth-as-butter application.
2. Soft and sheer.
3. Lightweight, subtle, blendable.
4. Creamy, non-greasy, effortless.
5. It’s not my biggest priority, so I tend to go for multitasking products that can double as blush.

What kind of lip products do you gravitate towards most?

1. Most people think sparkle and lip products shouldn’t mix, but I beg to differ.
2. I love lightweight, pillowy-soft lip products that still pack a punch of color.
3. It’s all or nothing for me: when I go for gloss, I like an otherworldly shimmer and shine. When I go for matte, I want intense, all-day color.
4. Liquid lipstick and lip liner. Amen.
5. Whether it’s lipstick, gloss or liners we’re talking about, it’s all about the nude shades for me.

One last thing. Pick an adjective, just for the hell of it.

1. Thoughtful.
2. Inclusive.
3. Scene-stealing.
4. Game-changing.
5. Glamorous.

All 6 questions completed!

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