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For a personal feature, you would candidly describe yourself as:

1. An insomniac
2. Controlling
3. Verily fond of children
4. Self-important
5. Intelligent

Your childhood dream was to become…

1. What even are dreams?
2. A psychologist
3. An entertainer
4. A Wall Street professional
5. A nurse

For a long weekend, pre-COVID, you would:

1. Be a couch potato and stay at home
2. Watch a live concert
3. Attend a friend's birthday party
4. Hit the streets and be the social butterfly that you are
5. Go up the mountains where it’s isolated

You have a phobia of:

1. Fire
2. Blood
3. Clowns
4. Commitment
5. Needles

What are you looking for in a partner?

1. Obsessive
2. Intelligent
3. Has a good sense of humor
4. Self-confident
5. Nurturing

If you were a serial killer, your peculiar way of killing your prey is:

1. Visiting a victim in her dreams, which she will never wake up from
2. Cooking and serving your victim's intestines to your plus-one
3. Luring your date to the sewers and gnawing his arm off
4. Bringing a date to your apartment and hacking said someone to death with an axe
5. Stalking your prey and locking him in a far-flung bungalow

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