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Pick a Gucci sweater.

A. GUCCI Oversize sweatshirt with Gucci '80s patch
B. GUCCI Oversize sweatshirt with Paramount logo
C. GUCCI Oversize sweatshirt with Gucci print
D. GUCCI Oversize sweatshirt with Chateau Marmont
E. GUCCI Gucci-Dapper Dan sweater

Think fast; your closet’s on fire! What’s the first thing you save?

1. A. A hoodie or a puffer jacket
2. B. A pair of jeans
3. C. A coordinated jacket-and-pant set
4. D. A hat
5. E. A denim jacket

Let’s get crafty. How would you D.I.Y. an article of clothing?

1. A. Crop pants into shorts
2. B. Fray the hems!
3. C. Fold up the sleeves
4. D. Doodle on anything and everything
5. E. Get it patched or embroidered

Pick a pair of shoes you gravitate towards.

A. COMME DES GARÇONS HOMME PLUS George Cox double strap creepers
B. BRANDBLACK Saga mesh-paneled leather sneakers
C. CONVERSE Chuck Taylor MC18 hi-top sneakers
D. CONVERSE Jack Purcell leather sneakers, P4550
E. GUCCI Horsebit stripe slingback slipper

Which hat strikes your fancy?

A. BERSHKA Garnet chenille beret, P895
B. ADIDAS Black bonded cap, P900
C. ARTWORK Gloomy day club bucket hat, P369
D. H&M Ribbed beanie, P499
E. HALO Headband, P795

If you could only wear one designer for the rest of your life, it would have to be…

A. Burberry
B. Gucci
C. Balenciaga
D. Off-White
E. Louis Vuitton

Let’s take an OOTD. What’s your go-to pose?

1. A. Camera in hand, in front of a mirror
2. B. Straight-faced or totally silly—there’s no in between
3. C. Holding my dogs’ leashes!
4. D. Nice and simple, hands in my pockets
5. E. Face covered, or partially out of the frame

Lastly, choose a location for your outfit photo.

1. A. Against an Instagrammable wall
2. B. Anywhere I happen to pass on my way to work
3. C. A dressing room
4. D. In front of a famous landmark
5. E. An unused shower

All 8 questions completed!

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