Be Your Own Barista At Home With B Coffee Co.

Be Your Own Barista At Home With B Coffee Co.

Great-tasting coffee made easy with B Coffee Co Coffee Machine



Who here can’t start their day without a cuppa? Or requires another cup to power through sleepy work afternoons? Hard same. I’m no coffee connoisseur and, I have to be upfront, my relationship with caffeine started with 3-in-1 coffee. But I’ve since learned that there’s a world of difference in taste between instant coffee and one that’s made with B Coffee Co Coffee Machine. 


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Home buddies, meet B Coffee Co Coffee Machine. It’s a mouthful, but it’s one of the most affordable machines in the market. Priced at P2,999, it’s almost a no-brainer to add to cart and check out once payday rolls around. It also comes with an electric frother and the local brand’s very own capsule sampler, Discovery Kit, which features four different flavors, Americano Colombia, Latte Sedosa, Cappuccino Intenso, and Mocha Xoco. Looking for other flavors outside of what B Coffee Co. offers? No problem, the Freshman Capsule Coffee Machine can be used for Nespresso capsules, too!


Be Your Own Barista At Home With B Coffee Co.

First Impressions

The machine comes in four colors—black, white, red and orange—and is bigger than expected, but fits perfectly in our condo’s tiny kitchen counter. At first glance, the Freshman looks sleek in its all-black and silver glory. However, closer inspection reveals minor flaws (mostl scratches), which seem to be a common gripe among a number of shoppers when I checked on Shopee. If you’re okay to look past that, read on and let me tell you about how easy it is to use.


Let’s Make Coffee!

Setup is pretty straightforward; I put mine together without the manual but do read it anyway just to be sure. Find a spot for your machine, plug it in and fill the tank with water. Now, choose a cup and then a capsule, pop it in the machine and let the smell of fresh coffee fill the air.


Be Your Own Barista At Home With B Coffee Co.


The buttons by the way are sensitive and I’ve accidentally grazed them a few times before I could put my cup right under the outlet. Just tap any of the three buttons quickly to save your coffee.


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You’re right about ready to enjoy your caffeine fix. But if you take yours with cream, how about taking it up a notch? Opt for fresh milk, froth and add to your cup. Sprinkle with your choice of spice, like  cinnamon or nutmeg (or both!) for an added layer of flavor, and *chef’s kiss*


No coffee experience is complete without the trendy cafe ambience, so spruce up your work space, put on your favorite cafe music and you’re all set!


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