How To Take The Best Photos With The vivo V30

How To Take The Best Photos With The vivo V30

Looking to take better snaps?



Over the years, it’s become a lot easier to take snaps of memorable moments. While bulky and expensive cameras used to be the only way to reminisce, it’s not the case in 2024—especially with the vivo V30 in the market. But while you might have the equipment needed to take snaps of the small, big or in-between moments, here’s how you can really take advantage of the tech.  After all, the vivo V30 is set to revolutionize night photography. With its advanced features and technology, your photos will come out clearer, with more clarity and more vibrant than ever before. 


The Aura Light 3.0

The vivo V30 comes equipped with the new and improved Aura Light feature, which is a light-filling tool that provides soft and natural lighting to come through in portraits because it provides a wider illumination area. The feature also has smart distance detection, which adjusts the brightness and color temperature of the light depending on how far away from the camera your subject is.



Night vision

The 50MP main camera of the vivo V30, which has the vivo Camera-Bionic Spectrum (VCS) technology, which was inspired by human eye bionics. What this means is that the camera is able to process the data it receives in a way that is similar to how the natural eye sees the world. The result? Images that are more natural and realistic—even in low-light conditions. Basically, the vivo V30 means a higher resolution, higher purity and higher color accuracy for all your snaps!


How To Take The Best Photos With The vivo V30


Photography is ever-evolving—so you should be, too. Don’t miss out on all the features that will make your memories last longer and last better. Take advantage of what’s available, and let your creativity shine through!


The vivo V30 is available in 126GB RAM + 256GB ROM for P24,999 and 12GB + 512GB ROM for P27,999. Get yours at vivo concept stores and kiosks or purchase it online through vivo’s website, Shopee, Lazada and TikTok.



Art Macky Arquilla


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