What Michelle Yeoh’s 19-Year Engagement Has Taught Us

What Michelle Yeoh’s 19-Year Engagement Has Taught Us

Michelle Yeoh’s 19-year engagement is another reevaluation of womanhood



Michelle Yeoh has embodied feminine power throughout her career. From being one of the most recognized Asian women in film to never shying away from speaking about feminism in a male-dominated industry, she’s been a constant ambassador for women worldwide. And as if Michelle hasn’t done enough for the female race, she has once again challenged current boundaries during a rather significant moment in her life—her marriage.


What Michelle Yeoh's 19-Year Engagement Has Taught Us


After a 19-year engagement with her now husband and ex-Ferrari CEO, Jean Todt, the two lovebirds finally tied the knot last July 27 (apparently precisely 6,992 days since their engagement on July 26, 2004). We don’t know about you, but that seems to be about a length of time that would have our parents pulling the   hair off their scalps, begging and pressuring us to get married already. But Michelle Yeoh teaches us some valuable lessons that everyone can learn from, maybe even your parents!


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The right one will wait

Eternity isn’t in a rush


The world of marriage is a beast of its own. With news of couples getting divorced left and right, it’s only fitting to be wary of committing your entire life to someone. But in the end, the person who cannot imagine an eternity without you will always be there, waiting for and with you. This can look quite extravagant in a fairytale setting, but that’s not always the case in the real world. Waiting can be bleak and uncertain, especially when the factors that hinder you from tying the knot are out of your control. But if there’s anyone that knows your relationship to the core, it’s both you and your partner—nobody else knows how endless your love runs for each other besides the both of you. So what’s 10, 20 or 30 years of waiting if you’ve found the one you’re ready to spend eternity with? 


There's no definitive time to get married

It’s never too late


Somehow, we’ve been conditioned to believe that if we aren’t married yet by the age of 30-something, some imaginary referee is going to pull a time-out card on us and stamp an “expired” sticker on our foreheads, banning us from the world of marriage forever. We all know this looming deadline isn’t real, but why can’t we shake off the pressure in our hearts? 


Michelle Yeoh challenges this social construct and reminds us of what marriage is all about—it isn’t about an age or a time; it’s all about love! It’s never too late to get married because it has never been about getting married at 30 or getting married at a point in my life where I’m still young; it’s about getting married because I’ve found the love of my life. Never let society steal the joy of love away from you. 


Love can be celebrated at any age

Love always, always wins


At the prime age of 60, Michelle Yeoh is a testament to celebrating love at any age. The couple could have never gotten married—being together all these 19 years could have been enough. But by choosing to get married, they still make it a point to celebrate the love they share for one another with friends, family and the rest of the world. It’s not just a reminder that marriage isn’t about an age or a time, but also a reminder that love can and should be celebrated anyway in any way—whether it be as grand as a marriage or celebrating monthsaries and anniversaries together.


What Michelle Yeoh's 19-Year Engagement Has Taught Us


So the next time a relative asks when you’ll be getting married, you can simply remember that Michelle Yeoh already took one for the team (and maybe send them this article to ward them off your back, too).



Words Vanessa Tiong

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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