Why You Shouldn’t Miss The 14th PHILSME Business Expo

Why You Shouldn’t Miss The 14th PHILSME Business Expo

Navigate through the daunting demands of business with expert advice and solutions



Truth be told, there will come a time when the fast life won’t serve our interests anymore. When the day-to-day grind just won’t cut it the way it used to. But with that comes the greater desire to settle, build dreams and grind harder for the future. 


It is also true that having a day job may serve our pockets well until the next cut-off (hopefully), but the persisting economic status still pushes us to have a goal of a more financial stable future. So if you’ve ever thought of starting or building a business, we don’t blame you. 



While the early stages of business may seem like a daunting endeavor, there are many ways to navigate through it—the most effective of which is through expert advice and solutions.


Luckily, to guide business owners with appropriate and lasting strategies, Mediacom Solutions Inc is holding its 14th Philippine SME Business Expo (PHILSME) at the SMX Convention Center Manila in Pasay City this weekend. 


What is the PHILSME Business Expo all about?

Slated on May 10 to 11, 2024, the “Philippines’ biggest” business expo, conference and networking event will bring over 120 sponsors and exhibitors for a weekend filled with insights from different industries. 


Why You Shouldn't Miss The 14th PHILSME Business Expo


The event will showcase a wide array of solutions across different sectors such as finance, banking, advertising, healthcare, human resource and recruitment, information technology, payroll solutions, logistics, co-working spaces, franchising, telecommunications, AI solutions, tourism, business outsourcing solutions, web design services and many more. 


It is set to highlight 30 keynote speakers who will take front and center in rendering encompassing, in-depth learnings on different and complex business landscapes. 


The event is even viewed as a potent learning avenue, as expressed by PHILSME’s current Managing Director Trixie Esguerra Abrenilla. She says: “We were told that people see us as a cross-pollinator of business opportunities, and we take that as an honor and a big responsibility. We continue what [SME Business Expo and Network founder David Abrenilla] started, and we are here to stay as we help boost your business.” 



The two-day event will kickstart with an opening ceremony at 9AM of May 10th, 2024, with free entrance available via online registration. 


For more details about PHILSME Business Expo, visit its official website at



Words Rod Hagen

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