The Sony WF-C700Ns Help Tune The World Out

The Sony WF-C700Ns Help Tune The World Out

One writer recounts their earbud conversion thanks to the Sony WF-C700N



To be completely honest, I’m not the type of person who reaches for noise-canceling earphones. I prefer those that just hang right in your ear instead of those devices constructed to nestle deeper into the canal to block out the noise flow. It’s not because I hate it, but because I know I’ll enjoy it so much. Possibly to the point that I forget my surroundings and get myself into unfortunate situations (trust me, this was a hard lesson to learn). But that’s one problem the Sony WF-C700N Wireless Earphones solved on my end, helping me tune in and tune out the world one button at a time.



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As I took the Sony WF-C700Ns out for a test drive, I discovered that it’s possible for me to allow myself to let go and enjoy the thrills of noise cancellation earbuds. Up ahead is a conversion story in the making.


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First impressions

The Sony WF-C700N Wireless Earphones have an exquisite, pill-shaped matte case that gives it a premium feel. It’s even compact enough to sit in bag pockets—none of those bulky cases that take up too much space. A lone light by the opening indicates the case’s battery level, lighting up as soon as the lid is pulled back. Its top hinges smoothly open and stays in position when pulled back, so there’s no loose lid that might open all of a sudden. Once you move to close it, the lid clasps firmly, ensuring its contents remain intact and won’t drop around like candy. The buds immediately click into the respective ports, meaning that the probability of them falling off is minimal. The Sony WF-C700N Wireless Earphones come in four different colors: Black, White, Sage Green and Lavender, all fitting for different types of tastes and styles.


The WF-C700Ns themselves have a circular shape, with the control buttons occupying most of the front. This makes for easy use; tap the left to switch between Ambient Sound Mode or noise cancelation. Controls are easier to learn, tapping the right once to play or pause, twice to skip to the start and thrice to go back one song ago. The set also comes with three rubber tips, customizable depending on personal comfort and fit to perfectly seal the sound within your ear. Connectivity-wise, setting up these earphones was a breeze with the help of Sony’s Headphones Connect app. From automatic functions to equalizers, all of these can be customized after some tinkering and adjustments.


While working

Based on my experience with other earbuds, extended use eventually results in some semblance of dull aches or ear fatigue. Surprisingly, that never happened during my time with the WF-C700Ns, even if I spent most of my working days with these plugged into my ears. Sony really meant that it was made for comfort! 


My only gripe with the device is that it can only hold one full charge, which requires me to plug it in more often than I’m used to. Nonetheless, it’s easy to let this go with how it excellently it performed as I scrubbed through videos that needed approval, kept looping my daily playlist and the clear-as-day work calls I had to take in the middle of it all. Sound quality-wise, the WF-C700Ns delivers punchy bass and crisp sound thanks to its five-mm driver unit. Yes, you bet that I had NewJeans thoroughly on loop.



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While playing

Switching between ambient noise and noise canceling features isn’t new technology, but I haven’t found anything as easy to use as these. Always needing a press of a button or some tinkering on the source device—things I can't really do in the middle of a workout or while going about my day. The Sony WF-C700N’s Adaptive Sound Control function makes going to different places a breeze, whether it’s getting into the car or walking down the street before fully settling down in a café, I’ve noticed that I didn’t have to do much to pluck a bud out to know where I am or if someone talks to me. Plus, the earbuds are equipped with IPX4 water resistance built to withstand water and sweat—great for working out in the great outdoors.



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All in all, the Sony WF-C700N Wireless Earphones make an amazing case for mid-range earbuds fit for all sorts of lifestyles and demands. And on a personal level, it's made me enjoy earbuds all the more. Its P6,999 price point might seem like an investment for some, but its flexibility and adaptability make it worth the splurge. Shop these and more Sony gadgets through these stores.



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