Experience a World of Colors with the “Wisdom of Da Vinci” at BGC

Experience a World of Colors with the “Wisdom of Da Vinci” at BGC

Create lasting memories in this immersive journey highlighting Da Vinci’s best-known masterpieces



Have you ever wanted to see the Mona Lisa, one of the best-known masterpieces from the Renaissance?


Get the chance to witness a breathtaking spectacle that bridges art, science and technology as Bonifacio Global City (BGC) unveils the Wisdom of Da Vinci: An Immersive AI Experience. In line with their vision of continuing their legacy as a trailblazer in “retailtainment,” BGC aspires to make shared experiences more meaningful and enjoyable for Filipino audiences by pioneering never-before-seen displays.


Experience a World of Colors with the “Wisdom of Da Vinci” at BGC

Traverse through a journey of art, technology and colors


Now on a two-month run after being shown in other countries, Wisdom of Da Vinci is finally in the Philippines, having opened to the public last August 5. Together with new media studio Ouchhh, BGC curates an impressive collection of digital art, redefining art through light and technology. With Leonardo Da Vinci’s works as its highlight, the exhibit offers a modern and experiential take on renowned pieces from various art masters.


“Providing unforgettable experiences is key in our commitment to retailtainment,” says Alfie Reyes, Chief Operating Officer of Fort Bonifacio Development Corporation (FBDC). “This time, we are doing just that with Wisdom of Da Vinci: An Immersive AI Experience, allowing all to enter a world of art, light and technology with our partner Ouchhh. We hope that all savor not just the spectacles we have in store, but also enjoy being surrounded with the works of Da Vinci,” he adds.


Experience a World of Colors with the “Wisdom of Da Vinci” at BGC

Guests marvel at the lights, sounds and overall energy


The massive digital paintings will give viewers a sense of wonder—from art enthusiasts, science lovers and avid history buffs, everyone will definitely appreciate the beauty of these pieces. Wisdom of Da Vinci can be visited at the 3rd level of One Bonifacio High Street, 5th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Tickets are priced at P975 for adults and P780 for students. You may avail yours by visiting and let your immersive AI experience begin.


Visitors will first be welcomed at the Curator Lounge where they can bask in captivating works that blend traditional art forms with technology, all of which push the boundaries of artistic expression. With the use of Ouchhh’s proprietary machine learning program, visual installations are created based on data gathered from various sources, culminating into a digital collection that intersects art and science.


Experience a World of Colors with the “Wisdom of Da Vinci” at BGC

Experience art in motion with the Digital Garden of Dreams


According to Ferdi Alici of Ouchhh, “We are pleased to bring Wisdom of Da Vinci to the Filipino community with BGC. When it comes to retailtainment, there is great synergy in our visions of offering captivating experiences. There’s a lot to enjoy for those who join us in this showcase, and we can’t wait for all to be part of the journey of blending art with technology.”


Within the Curator Lounge is the Poetic AI Gallery, an exhibit that explores the relationship between human creativity and technology. It draws on a digital library of 20 million lines derived from the works of brilliant scientists, such as Albert Einstein and Galileo Galilei, and blends the best of Ouchhh’s signature aesthetics with cutting-edge AI algorithms. Exploring further, visitors will reach the Manila Real-time Data Artwork, taking them on a journey through the Philippines' economy. Utilizing data from budgets, agriculture and statistics, the result is a data-driven piece fluctuating in real-time, changing as it reflects the nation’s pulse.


Experience a World of Colors with the “Wisdom of Da Vinci” at BGC

At Wisdom of Da Vinci, masterpieces of the great painter are displayed across breathtaking executions of visuals, lights and sounds


Experience art in motion in the first immersive hall, Digital Garden of Dreams, housing a collection of dynamic artworks that features four chapters of data paintings. Starting the series is Atlas, inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man and his study of the human body, bringing together the works of scientists from all over the world. Astrophiles will greatly appreciate DataGate, a collaboration with NASA using data gathered by the Kepler space telescope covering 500,000 stars, 2,500 planets and 60 supernovae.


Experience a World of Colors with the “Wisdom of Da Vinci” at BGC

Immerse yourself in Superstrings that illustrates the brainwaves with members of the Manila Symphony Orchestra as pieces of art


Music lovers will resonate with Superstrings, a cognitive performance that features real-time brain waves of the members of Manila Symphony Orchestra during the exhibit’s opening. Rounding the series off is Filipino Master, featuring the different works that artist and sculptor Juan Luna created throughout his lifetime, translated as data paintings.


Experience a World of Colors with the “Wisdom of Da Vinci” at BGC

Viewers take in the stunning pieces


Traversing through the exhibit, viewers will eventually find themselves in the Wisdom of Da Vinci, the second immersive hall. Discover the creative mechanisms of a genius mind through a modern showcase of Leonardo Da Vinci’s timeless masterpieces, such as the Mona Lisa, as well as the intricate details of his manuscripts. This gallery hall breathes life to its own abstract aesthetic language, all created using data from the sketches, invention plans and paintings of Da Vinci. In a celebration of sensory decadence, the breathtaking visuals will be accompanied by compelling music performed by world-renowned composer, Ludovico Einaudi.


Experience a World of Colors with the “Wisdom of Da Vinci” at BGC

The world-renowned Mona Lisa 


Visiting art exhibitions is a wonderful way to inspire one’s creative vision, to improve emotional intelligence and to increase feelings of joy. Consider going through this immersive experience as a self-care activity or to deepen bonds together with family and friends. The Wisdom of Da Vinci will run from August to October 2023.



Words Cris Roxas

Art Macky Arquilla

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