Let’s Meet Before Midnight?: An Intimate Look At Echoes PH’s Monthly Nightcap

Let’s Meet Before Midnight?: An Intimate Look At Echoes PH’s Monthly Nightcap

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When we set foot on the second floor of Warehouse Eight, a coworking space tucked into the back alley of La Fuerza Compound and homebase of the event we were attending, we had no idea what we were in for. Our team had been contacted by Echoes PH, a local music platform, to show up to their event that evening: a monthly affair that flies by the name Before Midnight.


Naturally, we did a little research: perused their Instagram, looked through some videos. Right off the bat, we discovered that it would be a night of food, booze and music––but with this cool mysterious twist where they don’t disclose the performers until the event itself. The slots are finite, too, with the audience and attendees being kept to a general count of 20. Curiosity piqued, we couldn’t help but show up.



You know how they say it’s the little things that matter? Before Midnight reinforces that and thrives in that idea.


Let’s set the scene: there are rugs and pillows strewn across the floor, a Christmas tree that reminds me of my childhood lighting up the room from a corner. There’s a girl, air light and easy, handing me a gin and tonic like we hadn’t just met three seconds prior. Over by the kitchen counter are people putting together what would become our dinner for the night––hand-plated sushi and tacos. Soon, the air would be heavy with music, strumming and drumming and easy harmonies adrift. There would be a guy laying back on the floor––not because he’s had one drink too many like you’d expect––but because he’s just so at ease playing his guitar on a cozy bean bag.


Let’s Meet Before Midnight?: An Intimate Look At Echoes PH’s Monthly Nightcap “Expectation-free,” says Kayla Dionisio, one of the founding forces behind Before Midnight alongside Czyka Tumaliuan and Michael Lorenzana, capturing the essence of this monthly gathering of sorts in a single phrase. “[We created Before Midnight because] we want to listen to good music, not scream into each other’s ears. It’s a safe space for genuine connections with strangers.”

Despite being among many first-timers that evening, it felt like everyone present had known each other for some time. It just felt that way: light, easy. All comfortable banter and jokes and no awkward small talk. Being there and engaging in genuine conversation, knocking back a G&T and chopsticking a tamago roll into my mouth to the sound of Mariamaria’s honey-like vocals and Nathan & Mercury’s snappy riffs––the entire experience was comforting in itself. A good way to cap off a weeknight and an even better way to wrap up the year that was.


I could go on endlessly about the happy buzz I felt in my gut leaving as midnight struck that November evening, write paragraph upon paragraph about how real the musicians felt or how the open jam session at the end of the night made me feel like I took home a piece of another person’s story home with me. But perhaps it might be better to simply show you:



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Before Midnight will pick up where it left off next year. Stay tuned for the next one by following Echoes PH on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.



Videography and Photography by Tamia Reodica

Produced by Cessi Treñas

Music Swing by Nathan & Mercury

Special thanks to Kayla Dionisio, Czyka Tumaliuan, Michael Lorenzana and Echoes PH

Shot on location at Warehouse Eight

Art by Alexandra Lara

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