The Best of Architectural Digest: Celebrity Homes That Are #Goals

The Best of Architectural Digest: Celebrity Homes That Are #Goals

Homes we would manifest for ourselves, too



There’s always something so interesting in seeing other people’s spaces. Whether it’s seeing a friend’s room or your S.O.’s place, we're suddenly allowed get to know them on another level. The spaces we occupy and live in speak so much about ourselves. Maybe that’s also why we were so obsessed with MTV Cribs a long, long time ago. We kind of grew up ooh-ing and ahh-ing at the number of rooms and luxury cars we would see in celebrity homes because their star factor extend to where they live.


But times have changed, and so did trends and preferences. The hype for MTV shows died down and no one was bonding over the new episode of Cribs or My Super Sweet Sixteen anymore. Some of us probably thought the popular interest in celebrity homes might have ended there.


Enter: Architectural Digest and their Open Door video series. 


Here, much like the well-loved show from our youth, celebrities take us on a tour of their houses. The videos rack up millions of view each, showing that a lot of us are curious about what goes on in their living spaces. A lot of us want to see if their personalities matched their homes. If you're not that part of the crowd, maybe you just needed some material to help you plan your next room improvement or house renovation project. Open Door gives us additional inspo for our future spaces and a good peek at how our present faves chill out.


Wondering where to start? Check out these episodes of Architectural Digest’s Open Door series:


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Vanessa Carlton


Yes, as in the singer of A Thousand Miles. Warm and bright browns meet cool and dark colors in Vanessa Carlton’s utilitarian loft, a calming contrast that expands the space while making it cozy. In true New Yorker fashion, her place (which was formerly a mercantile factory) has brick walls and large windows overlooking the city’s scaffolding and nearby areas. Vanessa repeats she’s a big fan of functionality and repurposing; as long as she can make something out of it, she’ll keep it and it’ll find a place in her home. But one of the biggest #goals of this celebrity home is the long and deep couch that appear in the beginning, perfect for lounging and working all day, every day. Her episode also leaves us a great tip:


“When in doubt, just stick a plant in something and it’ll look good.” —Vanessa Carlton, 2020


Dakota Johnson


One of the homiest and lushest places on this list is Dakota Johnson’s place. Her space has made rounds the moment her Open Door episode came about because of the layout and interior. Dakota’s home office is lined with bookshelves filled to the brim with novels and different knick-knacks, definitely a dream for collectors and bookworms alike. Dakota’s Open Door episode became popular because of her kitchen, lined with royal green cupboards and white walls. The amount of greenery surrounding her interior and the rest of the house fully turn it into a lush pocket of home.


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Zedd’s large place is one of the earlier celebrity homes to make rounds on social media. Perhaps its grandness drew different people to marvel at its vastness, with the video accumulating 44 million views in three years. From the sprawling garage and front yard to the iconic Skittles machine we all want for ourselves, his space is nothing short of extravagant. Floor-to-ceiling windows with a generous view of Los Angeles is one hell of a #goal. Not to mention, he found the smallest joys in little home improvements such as a pot filler right on top of the stove. His place doubles as a home and a great social space, which he was hopefully able to use pre-quarantine.


Troye Sivan


Troye’s house is something out of a Pinterest board, where all of our pegs and inspirations come to life. His fixtures and layouts may not be grand like other celebrity homes, but it’s wonderfully decorated into such a cozy and eccentric household. He and the designers had a preference for softer lighting, as shown by the different lamps found in all kinds of rooms that makes it cozier and lived in. Troye’s taste is definitely embedded in the little details, selection of art pieces and even how he set up his courtyard. Definitely, he leaves a piece of wisdom for those decorating their own place:


“My wish for everyone is that your space is like the place that you think about when you meditate.”

—Troye Sivan, 2021


Tan France


The fashion extraordinaire of the modern Fab Five let the world take a peek into the home he shares with his husband. Tan admitted that while they were purchasing the place, it was horrendous and seemed unsalvageable. “However, I would like to believe that being incredibly gay, I had vision…and that vision is usually making things pretty,” he says.


From the looks of the expansive kitchen and ambient dining room of his dreams, he succeeded. Not to mention, his independent designing project for the house is Bobby-approved. Arches are found in all of the spaces, even in doorways which keeps the whole area uniform. But of course, the main attraction of the tour is his closet. Loosely color-coordinated and organized by type of item. Oh, to have a large closet with an equally large mirror-slash-wall.


Hilary Duff


Not going to lie, this celebrity home is what dreams are made of. Hilary Duff’s home witnessed different milestones. Her marriage to Matthew Koma. The birth to her youngest baby, Banks. It's a well-loved home, where all spaces are wonderfully decorated and definitely lived-in. This is seen in the water rings on one of her wooden fixtures and the random appearances of her kids’ belongings. Even their bathrooms are bursting with color, which offers her house a perfect balance between fun and functionality. Each part of her house serves its purpose. Also, yes, she has her own chicken coop. It's her version of our plantita-plantito phase during quarantine that flourished.


Bonus: Dita Von Teese


Opulence in a home isn’t really an aesthetic for everyone, but The Queen of Burlesque brings her trademark maximalism to her lovely abode. She finds home in an old English Tudor house, complete with a mini-pub by the patio! Her space is packed, from taxidermy pieces to antique items and old brooch collections. There’s no area in her house that is not beautifully decorated. While some may think that her house is just too much, her home is definitely #goals with the way her personality and love for art pour out of her house.



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Got any favorites from these celebrity homes? Or is there a humble abode worth looking at that we missed? Let us know in the comments!



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