Swiftly Entertaining: ‘The Fall Guy’ Delivers All Too Well with Action and Humor!

Swiftly Entertaining: ‘The Fall Guy’ Delivers All Too Well with Action and Humor!

“The Fall Guy” is a love letter to old Hollywood



In the fast-paced world of cinema, where franchises dominate the box office and CGI often takes center stage, it's refreshing to see a film that harkens back to the roots of Hollywood entertainment. I had the privilege to get an advanced viewing of the latest offering from director David Leitch, who is best known for his adrenaline-fueled action sequences with films like 2018’s Deadpool, 2005’s Mr. & Mrs. Smith and the John Wick franchise—his latest film. The Fall Guy not only delivers on the promise of heart-pounding action, it also serves as a nostalgic nod to the golden era of stunt-driven filmmaking.


Swiftly Entertaining: 'The Fall Guy' Delivers All Too Well with Action and Humor!


A film that pays tribute to the often overlooked profession in cinema, The Fall Guy grabs the audience by the collar and doesn't let go until the final credits roll. The film is a rollercoaster ride of adrenaline-fueled action sequences, expertly choreographed by Leitch himself, whose background in stunt work shines through in every jaw-dropping moment. Whether it's high-speed car chases, gravity-defying stunts, or explosive set pieces, The Fall Guy delivers the kind of thrills that left me on the edge of my seat.



But it's not all about the action. At the heart of the film are its characters, brought to life by a stellar cast led by two recent Oscar-nominated actors, Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt. Both were on opposing sides last year due to the Barbenheimer mania, but we finally have the chance to see them come together and charm us as the leads of this film. Gosling, in particular, shines as Colt Seavers, an endearing and quick-witted stuntman with a knack for getting himself into trouble. His chemistry with Blunt, who plays Jody Moreno—a first time director—is delectable, adding depth and emotion to their dynamic relationship.


Swiftly Entertaining: 'The Fall Guy' Delivers All Too Well with Action and Humor!


After a career-ending accident leaves Colt severely injured, he retires from the industry to prioritize his well-being. But fate has other plans, thrusting him back into action to locate the missing star of a blockbuster film, directed by his ex, Jody. Emmy winner Hannah Waddingham takes on the role of a ruthless producer determined to keep Tom Ryder's disappearance under wraps, portrayed by Aaron Taylor-Johnson. As Colt endeavors to regain Jody's favor by executing daring stunts for her film, the mystery surrounding Tom's vanishing deepens, entangling Colt in a web of intrigue far beyond his and the audiences’ expectations. Winston Duke and Academy Award nominee Stephanie Hsu rounds up the talented ensemble of casts.


One of the film's greatest strengths is its ability to seamlessly blend heart-pounding action with side-splitting humor. Leitch and his team have crafted a script that is as sharp and witty as it is thrilling, filled with laugh-out-loud moments and clever one-liners that keep the audience laughing even in the midst of chaos. It's this perfect balance of action and humor that sets The Fall Guy apart from other films in its genre, making it a truly unforgettable movie experience.


Swiftly Entertaining: 'The Fall Guy' Delivers All Too Well with Action and Humor!


But perhaps what is most impressive about The Fall Guy is its reverence for the art of filmmaking itself. As a love letter to old-school stunt action, the film pays homage to the stunt crews who risk their lives to bring thrilling spectacles to life. From the meticulous planning of each stunt to the dedication of the stunt performers themselves, The Fall Guy celebrates the craftsmanship and creativity that goes into making movie magic.


Swiftly Entertaining: 'The Fall Guy' Delivers All Too Well with Action and Humor!


For those like myself, who have been asking for a follow-up to 2016's The Nice Guys, this is the moment we've been waiting for! I'm such a sucker for films celebrating the art of filmmaking, and The Fall Guy is ultimately a love letter to old-school stunt action and the daredevils who put their lives on the line for our entertainment. The amount of creative passion, explosions, humor, twists and turns this film has to offer demands to be seen on the big screen!


So buckle up and get ready to laugh, gasp and cheer because The Fall Guy is a cinematic masterpiece that sets a high bar for 2024.


“The Fall Guy” premieres on May 1, 2024.



Words Charles Boswell

Art Dani Sison

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