A Round-Up: What’s Coming and What’s Ending in the Realm of TV

A Round-Up: What’s Coming and What’s Ending in the Realm of TV

Of endings, new beginnings and everything in between



We’ve said before that for TV & film, 2021 is still a gift that keeps on giving. But while we’re being fed great updates about long-awaited show revivals, cast reveals and more, there is just some news that makes us go “What?” These surprises come in the form of an ending so abrupt or a news report that has you asking more questions. We made an entertainment round-up of important headlines to keep you in the loop. 


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FRIENDS… and their guest celebrity friends


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Last time, we mentioned that the FRIENDS reunion just wrapped up shooting in their original soundstage. We’re finally seeing the main cast coming together on May 27th on HBO Max. The list of cameos is impressive, with BTS, Lady Gaga and even Malala Yousafzai. But we’re missing a lot more people from the show: Mark Hannigan (Paul Rudd), Ben Geller (Cole Sprouse) and even the third Green sister, Amy (Christina Applegate). 


We’re still excited to see the well-loved recurring and guest characters such as Gunther (James Michael Tyler), Janice (Maggie Wheeler) and Jill Green (Reese Witherspoon) chat and goof off with the OG six who took over our lives.


iCarly’s reboot premiere date is set


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Yes, you heard it right! The newest iCarly revival, made up of 13 episodes, is set to premiere June 17th on Paramount+. It’s going to follow Carly (Miranda Cosgrove), Freddie (Nathan Kress) and Spencer (Jerry Trainor) as they navigate life and family in their 20s. While we’ll be missing Sam (Jenette McCurdy) for this show, the three of them will be joined by two new characters: Carly’s roommate, Harper (Laci Mosley), and Millicent (Jaidyn Triplett), who’s Freddie stepdaughter.


Its production heads are different this time around too, with Jay Kogen, Ali Schouten and Miranda herself serving as the executive producers. We’re hoping that iCarly 2021 be bringing the best mix of chaotic slapstick and odd-but-familiar adult crises we’ll be able to relate to.


Legends of the Hidden Temple gets picked up by The CW


For all the 90s to early 2000s kids who wanted to run around the Indiana Jones-style obstacle course, this one is for you. The old Nickelodeon game show Legends of the Hidden Temple is coming back, after getting picked up by The CW. It looks like we can expect the same high-energy excitement, with original co-creator Scott A. Stone as the executive producer. The Olmec Statue and some landmark challenges will be revived too, ready to hit its viewers with nostalgia. 


The catch? This version will be getting an adult-catered upgrade. This makes us think: will we be getting American Ninja Warriorscale obstacles and more complex puzzles this time around? Only time will tell.


The Ellen Show announces the 19th season as the last


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After a long 18 years of pranks, giveaways and more, TV host Ellen Degeneres announces that The Ellen Degeneres Show will be ending on its 19th season. During her live TV announcement, Ellen said that her show has been the greatest experience of her life. She promised that all episodes of the 19th season will be all about celebrating the milestones and memories made. 


In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, she mentioned that one of her reasons for ending it was because the show didn’t challenge her anymore. As a creator, she needed something new to do, a struggle many of us might be familiar with. Nonetheless, we all know that she’ll definitely wrap the show up in true Ellen fashion: with a bang.


Another look at Disney+’s Loki


Marvel Phase Four is well underway this year, especially right after Wandavision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Now, the next MCU character who’ll be getting their spotlight is Loki. Disney+’s official Twitter account just released a new clip of the well-loved villain walking around the Time Variance Authority (TVA) and being led by Mobius M. Mobius (Owen Wilson). Safe to say we can’t wait to see post-Endgame Loki in action when Loki premiers this June 9th, only on Disney+.



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Did we miss other headlines worth mentioning? Sound off in the comments section below.



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