From TTPD to MCU: Is Taylor Swift Ready to Shine as Dazzler or Blonde Phantom?

From TTPD to MCU: Is Taylor Swift Ready to Shine as Dazzler or Blonde Phantom?

Are we ready for this (potential) Taylor Swift transformation?



The 2020’s decade is truly shaping up to be owned, directed, written and produced by Taylor Alison Swift. She has amassed massive chart success with her recently released album The Tortured Poets Department (TTPD), has her ongoing Eras Tour (which is already breaking records as the highest grossing tour of all time), and recently won her fourth Album of The Year Grammy win for Midnights (a feat that has never been achieved by any artist before, surpassing Frank Sinatra, Paul Simon and Stevie Wonder, each of whom won the award three times). Swift’s unparalleled accomplishments, despite being in the game for 18 years, illustrates that there is virtually nothing she cannot do—perhaps with the exception of acting?



With recent rumors circulating that Taylor Swift might join the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), one has to wonder, is this something she can really pull off?



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OG Swifties know that this rumor has been brewing for a long time. The speculation dates back to April 2016 when one of her close friends, Sophie Turner—best known for playing Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones—posted a behind-the-scenes photo of her character, Jean Grey, and Cyclops (Tye Sheridan) holding a Dazzler vinyl for their upcoming movie, X-Men: Apocalypse. The caption simply referenced Swift's 1989 album and thus sparked eager excitement and curiosity among fans.


For those unfamiliar with the artist on the Sounds of Light and Fury vinyl, let me catch you up to speed.



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Alison Blair AKA Dazzler is a mutant—a term for someone that is born with X-Genes that triggers their powers—who made her first comics appearance in X-Men #130, which was released in February 1980. She's best known as a singer-songwriter who rose to fame as a global pop star, incorporating her mutant abilities of converting sound and light waves into various forms of light energy, emitting concussive blasts and generating shields that are constructed into her live performances. If you're familiar with X-Men's Jubilee, Dazzler has similar powers; but instead of generating fireworks, she produces deadly light displays.


Seeing the parallels between Dazzler and Taylor Swift? Both singer-songwriters? Both blonde global pop superstars? Both sharing Alison as their birth name? Originally, Dazzler was created as a cross-promotional effort between Marvel Comics and Casablanca Records. Her character essentially embodies what Taylor Swift excels at in real life, making this potential casting a perfect fit.


However, in May 2016 and much to people’s disappointment, Swift did not make her anticipated Dazzler debut on screen on the premiere of X-Men: Apocalypse, with the scene posted by Sophie Turner being ultimately getting cut from the final film.



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While some fans still hope that Taylor Swift will eventually portray Dazzler, rumors reignited in June 2017, when it was confirmed that Dazzler would make her live-action debut in the sequel, X-Men: Dark Phoenix. However, much like how Swifties clown about a third sister album to Folklore and Evermore (rumored to be titled Woodvale) and the missing album Karma, the role of Dazzler ultimately went to actress Halston Sage.


The speculation has quieted down since the Fox X-Men film franchise came to a halt following the Fox and Disney merger in 2019.



Fast forward to October 2, 2023, the rumor picked up again when Swift was spotted at an NFL game with the cast and director of the upcoming Deadpool vs. Wolverine film. Now logically speaking, due to her close ties with Blake Lively—the wife of Ryan Reynolds, who plays Deadpool—this seems like a casual group of friends hanging out, but not to Swift-Dazzler Truthers. While Shawn Levy, the director of Deadpool vs. Wolverine, did confirm that some fan favorite X-Men characters will make a cameo return, he made no mention of Swift being one of them. But this was enough to re-spark the rumors.



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When Swift released TTPD on April 19 this year, eagle-eyed fans quickly noticed a possible nod to the Dazzler rumor in her song, Clara Bow. The song’s ending—“The future's bright…Dazzling”—has been sending fans into a spiral; they’re taking it as a loose confirmation that she might actually play the role of Dazzler.


Finally, last May 21, reputable insider Daniel Richtman broke the news on his Patreon that Taylor Swift allegedly met with Kevin Feige to discuss a potential role in the MCU. However, contrary to the longstanding Dazzler rumor, the meeting was not about that character.



Reportedly, the discussion centered around the possibility of Swift portraying Blonde Phantom, a masked crime-fighter and detective introduced in All Select Comics in the fall of 1946. Blonde Phantom is considered one of the earliest costumed heroines of Marvel Comics and was created by comic legend Stan Lee. Richtman also suggests that Swift is being eyed for the lead role in the rumored Disney+ series Marvel Studios is developing, described as a spy thriller set in 1950s Las Vegas.


For what it’s worth, the meeting between Feige and Swift might just be to discuss a small cameo appearance as herself or to license her music. But either way, this is the closest confirmation Swifties has gotten to seeing Taylor in the MCU.


Fans are eagerly awaiting to see if she'll shine as brightly as her song lyrics suggest on screen. After all, Swift's journey to the MCU is as captivating as her chart-topping hits. As the future gleams with possibilities, one thing's for certain: Taylor Swift's star power is truly “Dazzling.”


What do you think? Are you excited to see Taylor Swift as part of the MCU canon?



Words Charles Boswell

Art Alexandra Lara

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