WATERWALK RECORDS: A Fresh, New Take on Christian Music

WATERWALK RECORDS: A Fresh, New Take on Christian Music

Sony Music Philippines launches a label for the new streaming generation



Music exists to express, to disturb, to validate and to comfort. It’s an art that takes a lot of space in our lives. It's an anchor we cling to whenever we need it. So whether it’s for learning, leisure or worship, music proves to be a constant pillar we lean on. This includes our guides for daily life: religion and spirituality. While it’s easy to categorize worship music between traditional choir hymns and rock ballads, this genre can break barriers, too.


That’s why Sony Music Philippines launched WATERWALK RECORDS. The music label's mission is to bring fresh Christian music to the new generation. WATERWALK RECORDS includes a diverse selection of OPM artists and worship leaders. Morissette, Stell of SB19, Nathan Huang of the band of Mercury, Taiwanese singer Ariel Tsai and much more make up the roster. Connecting these different artists of faith, the label encourages them to represent their personal and authentic experiences with faith through music.


“In the Philippines, Christian music emerges from daily life and is a reflection of the country’s rich culture,” shares Roslyn Pineda, the General Manager of Sony Music Philippines, during the virtual launch of the label. “Pop music inspired by Christian melodies has arguably created some of the most interesting music in recent years. It’s a diverse genre full of talented artists who use faith as a regular way of connecting with people.”


From pop tunes, lo-fi jams to powerful ballads, we can anticipate 10 more diverse tracks from WATERWALK RECORDS in the coming months. To name a few, A’TIN can expect a collaboration between SB19’s Stell and actor-slash-rapper Jericho Arceo. Meanwhile, listeners can anticipate new music from Darla Baltazar. Her unique combination of lo-fi music and worship lyrics landed her on different playlists around the world.


WATERWALK RECORDS got the ball rolling through the release of Waterwalk by Morissette and Mapayapa by Gloryfall and Hazel Faith.




These artists and their collaborations are just the tip of the iceberg. If anything, the label appears to be an amazing product of art and faith coming together. WATERWALK RECORDS allows each artist’s authentic relationship with faith to flow through their music, just like water. Regardless of their origins and churches, these artists come together under the label to bring songs of comfort, hope and grace to whoever needs and seeks them.



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Stay updated on the latest releases of WATERWALK RECORDS by following them on Instagram and Facebook, and subscribing to their YouTube channel.



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