Why NALA Woman Made Me Ditch Regular Pads

Why NALA Woman Made Me Ditch Regular Pads

How I spent one week with NALA Woman



When it comes to certain health and self-care practices, I don’t mind switching it up every so often. From workouts, eating habits and even personal upkeep, I’ve explored different ways to care for my body. But if there’s one part I have never changed since the beginning, it would be my routines and preferences in period care. Despite so many alternatives in abundance, I can never seem to let go of my safety net: sanitary pads. I know my flow enough to go through it like clockwork and emerge stainless at the end of the week. Why disrupt it?


But my current routine has cons, things I thought I had to endure every month. It turns out that I can easily overcome them, and I have NALA Woman’s sanitary pads to thank.



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First impressions

NALA Woman stands as one of the emerging organic period care brands that champion sustainability and giving back. The brand aims to help menstruating individuals make period upkeep a breeze with biodegradable, chemical-free, fragrance-free products made of organic cotton. Hypoallergenic and GOTS-certified, the cotton offers breathability and less susceptibility to allergies, itching and chafing. Thoughtfully constructed to fit snugly onto our anatomy, NALA Woman’s items help to protect you against leakage. All these claims had me curious enough to try it out.


But honestly, opening your first box of NALA Woman pads would lowkey scare you if you’re used to commercial pads from grocery aisles. The Day Pads are significantly thin but are as long as your regular napkin. Meanwhile, the Night Pads retain the thinness and extend longer down the back. I took my chance on the day pads as my cycle started, a little apprehensive. Thankfully, no leaks happened and the adhesive was enough to keep the pad in place as I worked from home and went about my chores.



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The actual test drive

But menstruating individuals know how much hell the second and third days of the cycle are. Cramps, heavier flows and the stuffy feeling we hate when shark week rears its head are at an all-time high. So while I tried working at home, I discovered that the day pad’s length was no match and night pads would only work when I would be alert enough to change continuously. As a result, I used night pads during the day before opting for my usual second-day soldier: disposable period underwear.


While I had to return to one of my old ways, I still reached out for NALA Woman pads as my cycle slowly ran its course. These were the only pads that didn’t feel suffocating at the end of the day and didn’t leave me with uncomfortable itching or chafing. If anything, NALA Woman followed through on their promises of a hassle-free period.



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The verdict

Overall, my week with NALA Woman has converted me into a believer. While I still need extra support when the flow gets heavy, their sanitary pads are amazing alternatives to what we usually settle for. I used to think I needed a large safety net (read: thick cotton pads) to stay leak-free, all at the expense of my comfort. But as I tried NALA, I realized I don’t need much; just enough, especially if you know your flow like the back of your hand.  You don’t need to look further because NALA Woman’s extremely breathable sanitary pads are worth the switch.


Shop NALA Woman period care products, from sanitary pads, tampons to panty liners, via the official website.



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