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Meet NALA Woman, the Local, Sustainable Period-Care Brand Tackling Period Poverty


January 6, 2022
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Pledge a Pad with NALA Woman, and give communities access to supplies for menstrual cycles



As we form our weighty resolutions and goals for the bright year ahead, why not consider switching to sustainable, eco-friendly menstrual cycles care products while giving back? NALA Woman is a sustainable period-care brand that advocates for women’s health and empowerment, all while not sacrificing the planet’s resources.


Made thoughtfully with organic cotton, the brand’s selection of products—like biodegradable pads, tampons and pantyliners—ensures maximum natural absorbency for menstrual cycles and comfort for daily wear. Made without any harmful chemicals, these are clinically-tested and hypoallergenic, too, which helps prevent the risk of irritations, itching and allergies.


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NALA Biodegradable Sanitary Pads (P195)

NALA Biodegradable Panty Liners (P240)


On top of caring for the planet, NALA Woman is also making sure that Filipinas everywhere are given access to eco-friendly, biodegradable napkins with their Pledge A Pad Campaign. Since its launch, 58,020 pads have already been donated. The initiative honors and uplifts those affected by Period Poverty, or women who don’t have access to the most basic necessities. 


With the recent calamity that devastated Filipinos in Visayas and Mindanao, NALA, with Waves for Water Philippines, is donating and providing pads and clean water to Typhoon Odette victims. If you wish to do the same, Pledge A Pad on



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On the initiative changing lives, NALA Woman Founder and CEO, Aiai Garcia, shares, “The main objective of this initiative is to raise awareness on the importance of women’s menstrual health, tackle taboos and normalize some practices that promote better menstrual health for women, like openly talking about something that comes so naturally to being a woman. There’s still a lack of good education and awareness in women’s menstrual health in the Philippines. This leads to the compromise of women’s health and inaccessibility to products and services all over the Philippines especially in rural areas.” 


She adds, “As a company that advocates for women empowerment and better education on women’s health, we have to make sure that as many Filipinas [are] given access to clean water and products to help them manage being women with dignity.”


What’s next for NALA Woman? Aiai reveals, “It is our hope to design and prototype a menstrual pad made with Philippine tropical fibers.” She adds, “Guided by the principles of sustainability, we hope to localize the supply for biodegradable sanitary pads, support local agriculture, create new jobs and new opportunities around a product that is essential for half the Philippine population.”



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NALA Woman is now even more accessible for Filipinas who experience menstrual cycles all over the country with period-care products now available in select Watsons branches. Make the #SwitchtoNala, a better alternative for your intimate hygiene and, ultimately, for the environment. 



Order your NALA Woman products online through and the country’s leading e-commerce platforms, Shopee and Lazada.



Photos NALA Woman

Art Macky Arquilla

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