Some of the Best in the Brightening Beauty Game

Some of the Best in the Brightening Beauty Game

For face, body, and the nooks and crannies we all need a little help with



Brightening—not whitening. I’ve always been comfortable in my morena skin, so talking about products that promise fairer, whiter skin is a little uneasy for me. Brightening, it’s newer iteration, makes it sound a little more positive, like how sunshine brightens up a room.

So if we’re talking about a similar or even a next-level kind of glow, and looking healthy and radiant, then yes, let’s talk about it.



Dove Ultimate White

For what:Treating dark underarms while keeping them soft and dry


Dove’s specially-designed advanced formula is a godsend for those with dark underarms. Made with ¼ moisturizing cream, vitamin B3, omega 6 and glycerol, the deo stick (roll-on, if you prefer) hydrates, soothes and softens skin. All while working hard to brighten it and keep pits dry and sweet-smelling of course.


Some of the Best in the Brightening Beauty Game


Available in leading department stores and supermarkets nationwide.



For what: Brightening the face


Citing glycerin and Vitamin C among its star ingredients, local brand and newcomer Oani promises a natural, covetable glow. How? Double cleansing with an oil-based cleanser followed by a foaming wash like Oani’s bar soap. Pair that with a tall glass of water and watch the glow stay.


Follow and DM Oani for orders and further inquires.


SnailwhiteSnail Secretion Filtrate Moisture Facial Cream

What for: For making skin glow


The secret is no secret: snail secretion. A buzzworthy ingredient in beauty, Snailwhite can help bring you closer to your dream skin—baby-smooth, soft and youthful. Other nutrients help encourage cell regeneration and stimulation of collagen. The best part? It’s lightweight and made for our kind of weather, too!


Some of the Best in the Brightening Beauty Game


Available in Watsons branches and via



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Art Alexandra Lara

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