Meet the Designers and Brands of Bench Fashion Week Summer 2024

Meet the Designers and Brands of Bench Fashion Week Summer 2024

Get to know the collections of the participating designers and brands in this year’s Bench Fashion Week Summer 2024



Summer’s just around the corner! Drawing inspiration from the season, Bench Fashion Week Summer 2024 is set to kindle every wardrobe with fresh energy and style. From March 8 to 10 at The Playground, Bench Tower, fashion trailblazers will be presenting collections honoring local craftsmanship, poignant narratives, intimate relationships, self-love and self-discovery, coupled with elevated fashion ethos and sartorial sophistication. Get to know the collections of the participating designers and brands below. 




Rhett Eala for Kashieca

Knitted tops from Kashieca by Rhett Eala’s Knit Collection


With a career spanning over three decades, Rhett Eala’s repertoire of fashion creations showcases his creativity in every detail, with many of his creations having become timeless classics. The latest Kashieca by Rhett Eala collaboration showcases an array of chic womenswear pieces that echo the captivating beauty of summer across three sub-collections. First, White Summer features white eyelet skirts, dresses, woven tops and laced shorts. Second, the Knit Collection offers a selection of comfortable and chic knitted tops. And Florals and Prints presents floral-inspired tops, skirts and skorts. 


Jo Ann Bitagcol’s collection

Pieces from Jo Ann’s first collection


Guided by her passion for design and photography, Jo Ann Bitagcol offers a fresh perspective in showcasing fashion by transferring her images into silk satin scarves. Her collection pays homage to local heritage, culture and identity by exploring and studying the traditional Philippine dress—reimagined and reshaped through the artist’s contemporary lens.


Tanan by Gabbie Sarenas

Pieces from Gabbie’s past collection, “Veronica”


Gabbi Sarenas’ passion for Filipino textiles and hand embroidery reflects her commitment to preserving heritage and is her love letter to the Philippines. Drawing from the private and tender moments of romantic relationships, Tanan is inspired by her clientele who have shared treasured moments, thus paving the way for intricate pieces that are worth wearing and treasuring on their wedding days. It embodies quiet sentimentality, featuring versatile garments that can be effortlessly paired with inherited pieces or everyday attire. Scarves, veils and gathered skirts are crafted in the atelier’s signature style.


Collection 3: Pick Me by nicolò

Pieces from nicolò’s past collections: Collection 1: ‘Shoot 4 The Moon’ (left) and Collection 2: ‘Daydreamer’ (right)


Launched by Nicolo Perez, menswear brand nicolò aims to create garments that are captivating, meticulously crafted and make its wearers feel good. Collection 3: Pick Me delves into the universal theme of yearning for someone and accepting oneself—portraying this journey as a pathway to self-discovery. Drawing inspiration from flower arrangements, vintage floral botanicals, outdoor gear and workwear, the collection visually expands the brand’s signature silhouettes and techniques.


There’s Nothing Wrong by LE NGOK

Pieces from LE NGOK’s past collection, CYBER GAZE


LE NGOK provides an immersive and sensorial journey that portrays the narratives of Carla Zhang. The collection, entitled There’s Nothing Wrong, reflects the designer’s journey with anxiety, recognizing that many people in our generation silently share similar experiences. It aims to convey a message of sympathy and solidarity to those who have encountered or are currently facing mental health challenges, reassuring them that they are not alone with its experimental and innovative designs. It's about embracing the highs, the lows and everything in between, integrating opposing elements toward achieving wholeness.


Joey Samson’s collection

Pieces from Joey's past collection (Photo via Jo Ann Bitagcol)


Joey Samson is hailed as the garment surgeon due to his unparalleled mastery of garment construction and deconstruction. His collection takes inspiration from Barroco or oddly-shaped garment patterns and features a diverse range of pieces for all genders. Each design blends influences from the fashion zeitgeist of the past with contemporary elements, capturing the essence of both the past and the present.


Suyen Champions

Apart from the collections of the previously-mentioned designers, Bench Fashion Week Summer 2024 will also feature the newest offerings of several beloved local and foreign brands under Suyen Corporation, including la Vie en Rose, Cotton On, HUMAN, URBAN REVIVO and BENCH.


la Vie en Rose’s swimwear collection

Meet the Designers and Brands of Bench Fashion Week Summer 2024

Pieces from la Vie en Rose’s swimwear collection


la Vie en Rose’s newest swimwear collection is tailored for customers seeking sun-drenched getaways and tropical adventures this summer. Designed for those who love cruises and vacations, these swimwear pieces feature timeless designs and a captivating color palette. Its highlights include essential black basics alongside fresh fashion colors and prints, ensuring that there’s something for every vacation style and destination.


Cotton On’s capsule collection

Pieces from Cotton On’s latest capsule collection


Cotton On’s latest capsule collections embrace distinct styles and individuality. The women’s collection emphasizes personal expression, featuring feminine dresses with frills, volume and tie details, alongside timeless jackets and vintage graphics. Meanwhile, the men's collection exudes clean sophistication with bold graphics and standout designs, catering to the modern man who is looking to make a statement.


HUMAN’s Summer 2024 collection

Pieces from HUMAN’s Ultraman Collection


HUMAN’s Summer 2024 collection, Stay Human, draws inspiration from graffiti, reflecting the ongoing trend of 90s and noughties nostalgia. The collection features sketchy and bubbly type fonts in monochrome and bold color prints. Street style and festival favorites include oversized polos and tees paired with cargo pants, baggy pants and Bermuda shorts, complemented by denim staples for versatile styling options.


URBAN REVIVO’s Urban Nature collection

Meet the Designers and Brands of Bench Fashion Week Summer 2024

Pieces from URBAN REVIVO’s Urban Nature collection


URBAN REVIVO’s Urban Nature Collection aims to capture the essence of nature within the bustling city, mirroring its raw beauty through artistic works. Featuring earthy tones and soft-spun linen materials in both women’s and men’s lines, the collection evokes the tranquility of nature meeting the vibrancy of urban landscapes. With exotic designs, broad-cut suits, stylish shirts and well-fitted cuts, it reflects a journey of cultural exploration and confident style.

BENCH’s collection

Pieces from BENCH


Last but definitely not least, the Philippines’ leading fashion and lifestyle brand, BENCH, welcomes the season with an array of stylish pieces designed for everyday wear with its newest summer collection. It offers a refreshing blend of cool style elements with comfort, featuring a vast selection of tops, pants, pullovers, vests and striking swimwear.


Bench Fashion Week Summer 2024 will take place from March 8 to 10, 2024, at The Playground, located in The Bench Tower, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.



Words MJ Viernes

Art Macky Arquilla

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