Keep The Spark of Independence Aflame: Free Independence Day & Pride Wallpapers

Keep The Spark of Independence Aflame: Free Independence Day & Pride Wallpapers

Sometimes we need a little reminder



In light of recent political events, sometimes it's easier to sit back and watch things unfold insouciantly (whether the events be taken as positive or negative). After all, why waste your time worrying about social issues when you have your own problems to deal with, right? Many of us are guilty of this kind of thinking; always too busy, always too tired, ever too jaded. How could we contribute to building a nation if its fate lies in the hands of hundreds, if not millions, with this disposition (read: Election Day)? Desperate to keep anger and frustrations at bay, we've grown numb and dare we say it, desensitized to nearly everything because keeping emotions of any kind makes it too tiring to have any at all.


Wake up: we need to start somewhere and with something—however small—to help light that spark of hope and keep it burning, if not for us, for future generations. We all need a constant reminder, one that you see every time you open your phone or your computer, one that's difficult to ignore. And so in the spirit of pride and freedom, Wonder teamed up with Freedom Fonts, SPARK Philippines and artist Jap Mikel to create a series of images, for you to download, use and share, to serve as that gentle reminder.


To get hi-res copies of these wallpapers, just tap or press the download button when you click on the gallery below:



Fonts used in the images may be downloaded via the Freedom Fonts website.



Inspired by documents from old revolutionary Philippines, Freedom Fonts created four fonts with the intent of being a platform that echoes the vision of our heroes and their patriotic beliefs and sentiments. Meanwhile in the fight for equality, our fourth wallpaper took influence from #RespetoNaman, a nationwide campaign led by SPARK Philippines that tackles issues on gender-based violence. In the long-term, the movement calls for policy change and positive action to prevent any form of violence against women, members of the LGBTQIA+ community and other marginalized groups.


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So, what are you fighting for today?



Produced by Alexandra Lara

Illustrations Jap Mikel

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