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Timing is a funny thing. There are so many conversations going on about the right and wrong time, and about how age, status and mindset play into it. But the funnier thing about the elusive concept of timing is that it in itself has changed over the years. 


We all know someone that got married in their early 20s, and we know people who are just learning to embrace singlehood well into their 30s. We’ve read empowering stories of people changing the course of their careers after a decade of trudging through the norms of their degrees, and narratives about how someone just knew who they wanted to be at age two. From multiple lenses, timing then becomes subjective and is only important to the person living it. 


As 31-year-old Kiana V likes to put it, “[Timing is] a mind, body and soul alignment.”

The news of Kiana’s engagement reached public ears in the second half of 2023. As she sat down with us to reminisce about fiance Sandro’s proposal, she can’t help but smile. Far from what we might expect of a celebrity proposal—curated and with cameras clicking and rolling—Kiana admits she wasn’t prepared for it at all. 


“I had really terrible nails,” admits Kiana. “I had a pimple patch on my nose. Just no clue.”


It happened under the guise of celebrating what would have been the 100th birthday of Sandro’s grandmother. Kiana’s family was invited to join the celebrations, and she herself thought she was there to provide emotional support. 


“I didn't realize he was proposing with his speech and everything. I didn't realize he was proposing until he got down on his knee,” she shares. Kiana further explains why she was caught so off guard, describing Sandro as the type of person who “loves to show and tell people how much he loves them.” 

Nevertheless, the experience was something that felt natural. Kiana says that from the beginning of their relationship, she and Sandro were “very open with each other about how naturally we wanted things to go. We didn't want to rush into anything. He and I like making clear-minded, sober-minded decisions. I wouldn't say it felt rushed at all.”

But while Kiana is embracing this transition in her life, there was once a time she had an ideal timeline. She shares: “When I was 22, I thought I wanted to be married at 27, and with kids at 30.”


As our conversation continues, Kiana goes into how it was at age 25 when she realized how much fun she was having on her own, leading to a question that ultimately put a halt to her self-imposed timeline: “How do I invite another person into myself?”


“I had to come to this comfort of being by myself and appreciating myself without external validation before I realized: ‘Okay, I’m ready for the next step,’” she claims.

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Now, Kiana is in the middle of wedding planning, sharing that they’ve locked in their venue and their overall theme. “We have a lot of the pieces,” she says. “It’s all a matter of bringing them all together.”


But amidst the many conversations and complications that come with planning for the big day, Kiana cites one thing that she’s enjoyed most: the relationships that have been blossoming and the overwhelming support provided to both her and Sandro. 


“There’s just so much love all around, and people rooting for us—the support is just next level,” begins Kiana. “I’ve never felt, at least in terms of keeping a relationship either alive or making sure we get exactly what we want, I’ve never felt that support before. It means that everyone loves [Sandro and I] together.”


At the mention of his name, Kiana can’t help but swoon a little. “I’m learning so much about him, and how he is so willing to step up when I need support,” she says. “It’s to the point where I have to hold a mirror to myself, and be like: ‘Are you able to do this for him as well?’” 


Admittedly, however, Kiana shares that planning their wedding has tested their relationship. “When it comes to communication and dropping your pride…It’s allowing yourself to lose an argument. Choose your battles. Being close to someone is also a good way to reflect on your bad habits.”

This same back and forth is present in Kiana’s professional life, too. She has a certain humility when it comes to making her music that allows her to absorb the talents of those she works with. 


“If I didn't listen to half the things I've been told in the studio, I wouldn't be able to get my voice to where it is today,” starts Kiana. “I received vocal coaching from producers and co-writers, and they push me to go past a limit that I've set for myself, thinking: ‘I'm really good at this, let me just stay here and be comfortable in this spot.’”


Needless to say, Kiana’s music has transformed over the years just as she has. A few months ago, she released a new single, Dare You—and a remix is already on its way to eager ears. 


“There’s a roll out of a lot of music coming,” she teases. “There’s a lot coming out in the summer and before my wedding…I’m very excited.”

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Thinking back on her younger self, Kiana comes to a conclusion: “When I was 18, I didn’t know anything. I didn’t know what I wanted to do—I knew what I loved to do; I just didn’t know I was going to do it.”


She continues, “With each year that came by and I got to know myself more, I realized I didn’t want [the house, the kids, everything] immediately. I wanted to take my time.”


But while her life isn’t where she once imagined it to be, she smiles at the thought of a younger Kiana seeing where she is today. Having ticked off a lot from her to-do list and taking to heart the lessons each life chapter has given her, she says: “She'd be pretty proud.”

In the grand scheme of things, the idea of a right time—and holding that over ourselves as if it were the only key to success—is limiting. The right time is, and should only be, viewed through  one’s personal perspective that is allowed to adapt and transition. 


“If we were having this conversation this time last year, I'm 100 % sure that my gut would be telling me ‘You're not ready for this,’” says Kiana. “When you feel like you've done the work on yourself, you've explored your options, you know what scares you and you wouldn't regret arriving at the worst possible outcome, I think that's when you know that it's time to take the leap.”

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Kiana V
Kiana V

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