2024 Filipino Movies and TV Shows to Add to Your Watchlist

2024 Filipino Movies and TV Shows to Add to Your Watchlist

Here’s a list of 2024 Filipino movies and shows to look forward to this year



It’s the start of a new year, which means we have new movies and TV shows to look forward to! And if there’s anything that the most recent Metro Manila Film Festival has proven, the local film industry is flourishing. 


If you’re looking for Filipino movies and TV shows to add to your watchlist for 2024, this list is for you. 



“I Am Not Big Bird”



Enrique Gil returns to the big screen with his latest film I Am Not a Big Bird. Coming to cinemas on Valentine’s Day, this irreverent comedy follows Luis Carpio, to be played by Gil, who goes on a trip to Thailand with his friends after being rejected by his girlfriend. He is then mistaken for a popular porn star called “Big Bird,” thus leading to a series of unfortunate, naughty and funny events. So if you’re looking for something different to watch this Valentine’s or you simply want a good laugh, make sure to add this film to your watchlist. 


I Am Not Big Bird will be coming to cinemas on February 14.


“GG (Good Game) The Movie”



Are you ready to play? Along with the amazing visuals and sound effects that will make you feel like you’re immersed in a game, GG The Movie showcases the tough and thrilling life that comes with gaming and aims to break stereotypes in e-sports. Starring Donny Pangilinan and Maricel Laxa—the mother-son duo’s first time together on the big screen—GG The Movie is a thrilling and relatable film for gamers and non-gamers alike.


“GG The Movie” will be coming to cinemas on January 24.


“My Zombabe”



What happens when you fall in love with someone in the process of becoming a zombie? If you enjoy zombie apocalypse movies, then you’ll probably enjoy My Zombabe. This horror-comedy film starring Kim Molina and Empoy Marquez will surely make you scream and laugh.


Watch “My Zombabe” in cinemas.


“The Guardian”



The Hallyu Wave is as strong as ever, and its influence is evident in the films and shows we consume. Headlined by Infinite’s Nam Woo-Hyun and our very own Yassi Pressman, The Guardian is a Filipino-South Korean action-thriller film about a son who will go to lengths for his mother with a gambling addiction. Plus, the film will be shot in the Philippines, too!


“The Guardian” will be coming to cinemas this 2024.


TV Shows


“Simula sa Gitna”



What happens when you find out that there’s more to life after death? Starring Maris Racal, Khalil Ramos and Dolly De Leon, Simula sa Gitna chronicles the characters’ misadventures of getting into heaven via an elevator that crashes. Directed by Antoinette Jadaone, this TV show is the perfect blend of humor and existentialism, and will keep you at the edge of your seat with its twists and turns!


Watch “Simula Sa Gitna” on Prime Video.





Headlined by Elle Villanueva and Derrick Monasterio, Makiling is a revenge drama about a struggling probinsyana who discovers a magical flower and becomes the target of bullies as she works in Manila to pay off her debts. After a near-death experience, she takes revenge upon the people who torment her.


Watch “Makiling” on weekdays on GMA Afternoon Prime. 


“What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?”



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This Filipino adaptation of the K-drama hit What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? is about a workaholic and narcissistic vice-chairman (played by Paulo Avelino) and his secretary Kim (played by Kim Chiu). The series will be localized, resonating with Filipino audiences everywhere, and showcasing our culture to the world!


“What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?” will be streaming on Viu this year. 



What other films and series are you looking forward to this 2024? Let us know in the comments below!



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