Products to Jumpstart Your Health & Wellness Resolutions in 2024

Products to Jumpstart Your Health & Wellness Resolutions in 2024

From Halia’s sustainable period care to oh-so-yummy Goli Gummy Vitamins, here are products to help you take on your health & wellness resolutions



Honesty hour: How are your New Year’s resolutions holding up less than two weeks into 2024? Have you unsubscribed from all your shopping newsletters yet? Are you making your own coffee at home instead of buying overpriced coffee from Starbucks? Have you done a 12-3-30 treadmill session after all the holiday bingeing?


If you’re finding it harder than usual to jumpstart your daunting resolutions for 2024, you’re not alone! If you need some push to help you follow through with your health & wellness resolutions, here are some products to keep in your arsenal—from a great pair of running shoes to oh-so-yummy vitamin gummies.


Showing up, especially when you feel the least motivated, can do wonders! One more thing: If you’re feeling “left behind,” don’t worry, you can do a fresh reset anytime!


A really good pair of running shoes

Whether you’re just starting off your fitness journey this 2024 or consider yourself an everyday runner, the revamped SUPERNOVA franchise from adidas is for you. Crafted for a smoother running experience, it’s designed with a new super-foam Dreamstrike+ midsole and Support Rod System, redefining the standards of comfort while delivering maximum cushioning.



The all-new SUPERNOVA RISE running shoe is designed to help everyday runners be distraction-free. The intricate design provides runners with a tailored comfort offering suited to their own needs. Other key product features include a Comfort Heel Fit, which uses a combination of cushioning foam and soft textile designed for maximum comfort and support.


Products to Jumpstart Your Health & Wellness Resolutions in 2024
adidas Supernova Rise Shoes (P7,500, adidas)


Oh-so-yummy gummy vitamins

Find your perfect match with Goli’s range of gummy vitamins! Yep, we’re leaving vitamin supplements that taste like paper in 2023. These nutrient-packed gummies come in a wide selection of variants, each designed to cater to your specific lifestyle and health needs. 


Stressed AF? The Goli Ashwagandha Gummies help reduce stress and anxiety, promote relaxation and support mental clarity. Entering your fitness girlie era? The Goli Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies support digestive health and weight management, plus boost overall wellness. Want to feel like your best self on the daily? The Goli Superfruits Gummies provide antioxidant support, boost energy levels and enhance overall immune function.



It’s no longer a chore to take vitamin supplements on the daily! With Goli, we’re actually looking forward to this new addition to our routine. 


Super cute activewear

As a devoted fangirl to Groove, trust me when I say that their bold-colored sets are the best-performing activewear I have in my collection—especially as a top-heavy girl. The Insta-famous, low-impact activewear brand adds two must-have colors to their compressive yet comfortable range: Tart and Biscuit!



Their bestselling activewear collection features three products: the Tank Bra, Compressive Leggings and Compressive Shorts. You haven’t even heard the best part! This collection comes in an expanded size range, from XXS to XXL, catering to more body types. 


A planner for all your intrusive thoughts

Whether you’re ticking off items from your to-do list, keeping up with your finances or journaling to extend gratitude, there’s no doubt that a physical planner makes everything more organized. And if keeping tabs with your planners has always been part of your New Year’s resolutions—and you've been failing quite miserably—maybe this time, this habit will actually stick.


Products to Jumpstart Your Health & Wellness Resolutions in 2024
The Good Intentions Journal (P1,100, Milkpress)


Jumpstart productivity with The Good Intentions Journal by Milkpress, designed for you to plan out your day-to-day and inspire you to remain grounded and focused on yourself and your goals. 


Pro-tip: Personalize The Good Intentions Journal with your name or initials!


Sustainable period care

If one of your resolutions for the new year is to live a more sustainable life, Halia’s period care is a start! You can get the support you need for normal to heavy flow days with eco-friendly menstrual hygiene products made by women, for women.



Choose from their new line of period care products—from the Halia Everyday Liners to the Halia Overnight Pads—created with super soft organic bamboo, which consumes less water than cotton and contains no harmful pesticides. They’re also certified biodegradable, with pads decomposing in just two years, compared to the traditional plastic pads that take 500 to 800 years.


Get the support you need for all your activities with Halia’s period care, giving you the freedom to move and the freedom to be.  


So, how are you showing up for yourself this 2024?



Art Macky Arquilla

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