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November 3, 2022
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B&B Studios, the newest creative studio space in Quezon City, is an actual dream



Located in ever-bustling Quezon City, B&B Studios provides a refuge for content creators and creative minds with their carefully curated and designed studio space. With a total of eight rooms to choose from (or all, if need be), B&B is the perfect place for filming, taking pictures and creating to your heart’s desire.



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In an exclusive interview with B&B Studio’s co-founder Melai Entuna, who also owns production house Keep Filming, she mentions the need for more spaces for digital creators, especially in this day and age. She shares, “A lot of digital creators are emerging, and with B&B Studios, they have a space where they can shoot visual content. For whatever they need to do, they can always come here.” She wanted a space open to everyone that would also allow her to collaborate with different creatives.


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Made for individuals and communities that have a passion for creating, the process of making B&B Studios what it is today was long and thoughtful. Melai talks about the importance of “scouting for a space and seeing the potential in a space,” so she and her team looked through various locations, whether warehouses and houses. Eventually, they came across an ancestral home that they could envision as their very own studio space. The two-story house-turned-studio has high ceilings, multiple rooms and everything you could need to create content—from lighting to backdrops.



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Melai and the B&B Studios team came up with a space that’s versatile, comfortable and trendy, yet still classic. She talks about the studio’s versatility, saying, “You can do anything—from [holding photo shoots], [creating] videos, [filming] teleseryes, anything.” There are no limits when it comes to your ideas and creativity in the studio. The space is also comfortable and thoughtfully designed for creators to feel unrestricted.


While designing the studio, the team opted for a classic look and mixed it in with trendy pieces. Melai notes, “We wanted it to be classic but have pieces that you can mix and match for whatever you need.” You won’t have to worry about making your ideas fit the aesthetic of the studio because it was made with creators in mind. It goes with everything!



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As a content creator herself, Melai understands the pain points of the industry, which is why she opted to keep the cost of renting the studio very budget-friendly. For a minimum of four hours, you can rent different areas of the studio for an affordable price and get the service and space of your dreams.



If you need a place to shoot, put B&B Studios at the top of your list! Open for whatever you need, the space caters to everyone, whether you’re a newbie content creator or a veteran in the industry. When will you be booking your visit?


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To find out more about B&B Studios, you can check out their Instagram and Facebook pages.



Words Julia Makalintal

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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