How P-Pop Group ALAMAT Made Me Stan Them

How P-Pop Group ALAMAT Made Me Stan Them

It’s ALAMAT’s time to shine



Who would have thought P-pop would have grown to what it is now? Not that long ago, the country's music scene was dominated by foreign musicians, mainly due to the widespread use of streaming services that provide access to a more global entertainment pool. Despite this, the growing P-pop movement is slowly transforming the entertainment scene.


I was a casual listener of SB19 years ago, and have BINI regularly playing. Listening to them made me appreciate their music, but not enough to stan P-pop groups yet. I felt like I already had my fair share of good, bad and crazy experiences while fangirling K-pop groups over the years. (Yes, I am a K-Pop stan, BTW.) I now have different priorities and am discovering more hobbies outside of fangirling. 


These days, different P-pop boy and girl groups are finally getting their moments to shine. Then there is ALAMAT, a six-member multilingual and multiethnic group of artists. Like most groups that have gained attention lately, ALAMAT began as a result of a nationwide talent search, this one headed by by VIVA and Ninuno Media. Initially a nine-piece group, ALAMAT now consists of Taneo, Mo, Jao, Tomás, R-Ji and Alas. When they started, I only knew their group name and nothing more.



Now it’s three years later, and ALAMAT shows up on my TikTok and X FYPs, thanks to my P-pop algorithm. Everything about the group kept popping up, and I finally gave in. I decided to listen to their songs, and it was the best decision of my life. So if you see something on your FYP, make sure to give it a chance—you never know where it could lead! 


The fans are right; ALAMAT is a “no skip discography” group. I had never Googled anyone faster in my life after hearing their tracks, and here are the things that made me stan and officially become a baby Magiliw.




This is where it all started; the very first ALAMAT song that I listened to. Maharani is the epitome of my musical preference. It has a chill R&B vibe but still infuses some Filipino traditional instruments. As of writing, Maharani has re-entered the chart to the top 43 in the Spotify Viral 50. The song appears to take a modern romantic approach, being a “contemporary musical masterpiece that blurs the line between archaic and current.” And with lyrics that sing “Sumusumpa kay Bathala, ako ay di magsasawa,” we cannot get over it. 


ALAMAT core real-ness

One thing I look for in groups that I listen to is how relatable they are, and ALAMAT fits the bill. The diversity within the group is such a breath of fresh air for the P-pop community. Having everyone come from different backgrounds and parts of the country solidifies their uniqueness as a group. Their genuine traits and sincerity towards their fans helped build the ALAMAT core. And have you seen how genuinely funny they are? Look up “Alamat Core” on TikTok, and you’ll see what I mean!


“Dayang” supremacy


And when I thought my Maharani fever wouldn’t end, then came Dayang. As time passed, I grew fond of listening to this track, too. The song features the musical and artistic prowess of the group while paying tribute to various elements of Filipino culture. This track might appear as a catchy banger to dance to, but one tip: listen to this while wearing your earphones and just enjoy the members’ colorful ad-libs. The music video may not be on par with their old ones, but the song itself meets expectations.


Talent, talent, talent

Each member of ALAMAT screams talent; what do you mean this group sings, dances, even writing and producing their songs? Mo's vocal ability is always in its God Mode, and there is no doubt he is a future star of the Filipino music scene. Tomas and R-Ji bring dynamics to the group's vocal prowess, and there’s never a dull moment between these two. Just as his name suggests, Alas is an ace; you can see his passion, especially on stage. Taneo proves that he is not just a visual but an all-rounder performer and even holds a degree from the University of South Florida—that’s ALAMAT’s leader. Lastly, if we talk about dancing skills (and humor), Jao is your go-to person. All in all, they complement each other. And together, they’re complete.


ALAMAT is all about Filipino culture

ALAMAT is really out here making their own name, but their cultural awareness and advocacy as a group is what sets them apart. From their outfits and choreography and use of various instruments and languages throughout the Philippines, they continue to make references to Philippine folklore—closely associating them with the rich culture that shaped them as individuals and as a group. You don’t just get good music; it makes you learn and appreciate what we have and who we are as Filipinos. 


Since April, ALAMAT has gained a total increase of 100,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, and the group has recently surpassed its highest record. Up to date, ALAMAT is slowly making progress, and when you reach a casual like me, you know it's only gonna get bigger. Being Filipino is the standard and benchmark, not anything else. 


And what I like about them is that they continuously strive for improvement. They have only regrouped as a six-members group for a year, and are doing great. Their stages might be far from perfect, but the intention and message are clear: They are only getting started. ALAMAT has so much potential and opportunities coming its way; it's their time under the limelight.

And to all the Magiliws, we’re getting there, slowly and surely.  True to its name, ALAMAT is definitely a P-pop legend in the making.



Words Sofia Joco

Art Alexandra Lara

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