bai Hotel Cebu Celebrates Its Official Launch Right In Time For Christmas

bai Hotel Cebu Celebrates Its Official Launch Right In Time For Christmas

A vacation at bai Hotel Cebu? Yes, please!



On November 23, bai Hotel Cebu celebrated its grand launch—and just in time to ring in the holidays, too. Everyone in attendance was treated to world-class food, wonderful entertainment and one amazing night to remember.



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Right off the bat, you know that bai Hotel Cebu doesn’t fall under your usual accommodations. Nestled in the middle of the cities of Mandaue, Lapu-Lapu and Cebu, your options quite literally spread out before you. There are beaches to visit, animals to see, a culture to marvel at, food to eat and endless ways of relaxation to take advantage of. Honestly, what more could you want from a vacation?


Let’s talk food

Every hotel has a great restaurant under its roof, but bai Hotel Cebu has more than a handful under its roster.


For people whose great hunger strikes at any time of the day, there’s an all-day buffet aptly called Café bai. It’s where guests can enjoy a mix of Asian and Western cuisine choices to fill you right up. Of course, it’s always different when a restaurant specializes on a particular section, which is where Marble + Grain Steakhouse and Japanese restaurant Ume come in.

Did we mention that Marble + Grain serves up a mean unli-steak and unli-sides option? You’ll sit there till you’re bursting.


There’s also The Pool Bar, The Executive Lounge, Wallstreet Coffee + Bar and the Twilight Roofdeck Lounge + Bar.


And check out the rooms

bai Hotel has a selection of rooms you can choose from, each with varying prices, so you can definitely look for what works for you and anyone else you might be bringing. They have the standard rooms and they have more executive floors that have separate entertainment rooms. So if watching in bed isn’t really you’re thing, you can opt for a couch in a secluded part of your space—you just have to be willing to pay for it.



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You never have to leave the hotel

When you hear “biggest hotel outside of Manila,” you don’t really know what to expect, so let us give you the numbers. bai Hotel Cebu has 23 floors, 668 rooms and 12 event venues—which in itself might honestly not sound that impressive, but the space is massive.


Every corner turns into a new hallway, another seating area or some otherwise hidden gem. You think you’ve reached the end, but it just never seems to be the case. Whether it’s a trick of architecture and design or simply the 1-hectar property, you’ll lose your time simply exploring.


Just like any large hotel, bai has a spa with great services, a gym that’s filled wall-to-wall with equipment and a ballroom that can comfortably fit 450 guests—not to mention the smaller seminar rooms that can house 200.


But bai Hotel makes it easy to explore Cebu

There’s a reason why our generation has distinguished staycations from vacations and while bai Hotel Cebu is something you can definitely get lost in, their services make it easy to get around the city, too. Of course, you can arrange your own private rides, but you can also take advantage of their shuttle services to get to and from. Just check out the schedule and make sure to be on time! And hey, if you play on going during peak hours, make sure to line up early.


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When it all boils down to it, the experience of bai Hotel Cebu can be summed up in its name. In local dialect, “bai” means “friend” and that’s how it feels when you stay with them. You have the comforts you always expect when you go to a luxury hotel, but there’s that mix of local flavor that’s as distinct as it is welcoming.



Art Alexandra Lara

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