Food Cravings Satisfied: What & Where To Eat This Weekend

Food Cravings Satisfied: What & Where To Eat This Weekend

Recommendations from our favorite foodie LunchBoxerPH up ahead



Don’t know about you, but never have I ever looked forward to the weekend more than now. As many of us try to keep the lines between work and home from completely blurring, and make a pact with ourselves to “shut off” after work hours (unless you know, absolutely necessary or there’s a crisis at work), the weekends have become the ultimate escape we could honestly get more of (because tbh, the weekend is just Saturday; come Sunday many of us go through our list of to-do’s for the week ahead). So I can’t even describe the relief I feel on a Friday night; it’s like the soul-crushing weight of weekdays has been (temporarily) lifted. And the excitement I feel, knowing that it’s Saturday the day after, is palpable because we get to stay in our pajamas, order in from our favorite restaurants, watch TV, take a nap and repeat.


But if I had to tier the ultimate treat or reward for a long hard week, satisfying my food cravings is tier star. Yes, not a number, but a star. Call it what you want (emotional eating?), but my body and my wallet know its limits. ANYWAY, I’ve satisfied my many food cravings including ube pandesal (tip: Shell Select in Silver City, Pasig, will surprise you. They have really good ube pandesal), Japanese food (ordered my last spicy gyoza-salmon maki craving from this underrated Japanese place in Kapitolyo, Ramen Cool) and now, as the weekend nears, I’m already looking through the many corners of the internet for deals and recommendations. This time, we’re taking notes from LunchBoxerPH a food blog we’ve been following for a little while now. 


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Known for easy, anyone-can-make-it recipes and leveling up de lata goods, we also look to this food blog for where and what to eat. Ahead, what to add to your weekend menu according to LunchBoxerPH:




Pizza for breakfast? Why not! Domino’s is one underrated favorite. The crust that’s neither too thick nor thin, the generous toppings, the flavors, *chef’s kiss.* But the best part is this: Domino’s Double deal promo, where you can get any 10-inch pizza and a 10-inch classic pizza for only P499. While you’re at it, may I recommend the baked chicken wings with hot buffalo sauce and their choco lava cake? You haven’t lived if you haven’t tried these items on their menu.


Berna’s Best


Bread is life in our household. And just when I thought I was over ube pandesal, I came across QC’s best kept secret, Berna’s Best. Arguably small in size, Berna’s Ube Pandesal is filled with the right ratio of ube and cheese. Not a fan of ube cheese? Other must-try items include Korean Garlic Cream Cheese Buns and Ultra Soft Cheese Rolls. 


Corndog 28 Philippines


Corndog but make it Korean. I’ve seen this in food stalls and in grocery stores, too, but with plenty of options, I’m not sure which one to try first (cause you know, gotta try ‘em all). Corndog 28 PH seems like a good place to start with its bestselling variants, Mozza, Full Mozza and Mozza Potato. I mean, the cheesier, the better, amirite?


Tako Sum


Takoyaki and dimsum? You don’t need to ask me twice. A snack I pick up during trips to the supermarket, it’s nice to know I can order this ready to eat and from home. Well, the takoyaki you still have to make but the dimsum is ready to eat. Here’s what to satisfy your cravings with: Wanton, Hakaw, Cream Cheese Wanton, Beancurd Roll and the Spareribs!


My Sushi 2021


I’m never not craving for good sushi so I’m adding LunchBoxerPH’s My Sushi 2021 recommendation to my rotation. Here’s what to try: Keto Bacon Sushi, Cheesy Kani Roll, and the Spicy Tuna Roll.


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So, what’ll yours be? Or do you have food recommendations to share? If so, don’t be shy! Let us know in the comments!




Art Matthew Fetalver


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