Give Yourself The Gift Of Sleep

Give Yourself The Gift Of Sleep

Give counting sheep a rest

One of the biggest things we’ve collectively learned under the course of quarantine is that we can survive on very few things, that the need for more isn’t actually a need at all. But all the frivolous things I used to indulge on—nights out, movies in theaters, sitting down to have dinner at a favorite restaurant—are things I eventually realized aren’t necessary in my life.

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But the one thing that has stayed, even strengthened, throughout the pandemic is that I (we) need a proper night’s rest. I don’t know about you, but the quarantine and stresses of work from home and/or study from home have somehow been detrimental to good sleep. There have been odd dreams, bouts of waking waking up in the middle of the night from anxiety, fights with insomnia…the list goes on and on (kind of like responsibilities nowadays, ya know?).

Enter: Blanket Hugs, a weighted blanket that claims to give us better sleep, which you can get for as low as P4,499.


Did it work? The short answer is yes—but please let me go into detail on why I like this night buddy so much.

It makes you feel like you’re being swaddled

If you’re the type of person that likes to be cuddled or swaddled in your sleep, Blanket Hugs is a great alternative to the significant other you might not sleep with at night (or just can’t right now because ~social distancing~). It gives you that level of comfort that’s all your own without that breathing down your neck or on your face.

PS. Just try to keep your dog/s away from the blanket; there is such a thing as too much weight on you.

Warm and soft

What’s a blanket for if not to keep you warm at night? Blanket Hugs succeeds in the bare minimum, but the fact that it’s so soft helps tremendously and brings your sleep experience to the next level. I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve slept covered in less-than-ideal blankets and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. And if you’re the kind to not want a lot on top of you or have too many pillows nearby, which I am, just this is enough.

That deep sleep

But the best thing is that Blanket Hugs really does come through with its claim of giving one a great night’s sleep. Because it’s weighted, it reduces the likelihood of micro-movements that are sometimes what really keep us up. You are settled in—quite literally—and you eventually find a comfortable spot in doing so. It feels like falling into bed after a long day, except the feeling lingers much longer.

And who isn't looking for that lasting feeling?

Ay, where’s the rub?

While this isn’t really a big thing, I tended not to use Blanket Hugs every evening. Sometimes you’re just in the mood for something that’s quite literally a little lighter, especially on those warmer nights. So just prepare yourself for that switch once in a while.


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At this point in time, life and the pandemic, we really need to take all the wins we can. And honestly, a restful night is a big one nowadays. So why not give yourself the gift of sleep this year? It's a love affair that's bound to last longer than those white sneakers you're eyeing ? #guilty

Check out to purchase your own and achieve that deep sleep you’ve been wanting. Available in neutral colors, various sizes and different price points (ranging from P4,499 to P12,999)—depending on your bed and/or preference!

Art Alexandra Lara


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