Yes, You Can Make Your Own Donuts

Yes, You Can Make Your Own Donuts

Here’s how, using what’s available in the pantry



First, are you gluten tolerant? Great! Me, too. If you’re like me and have been eating your feelings (or doing whatever else) to cope, you know how the cycle goes. In moments of complete silence or inactivity (one you crave but also fear because), thoughts, fears, anxieties creep in and you’re suddenly sucker-punched with feelings you can't deal with. So to temporarily silence the uncomfortable, you turn your attention to something else, like food. 


No, just me? 


Stuffing emotions aside, being locked in for who knows how long (cause I stopped counting), has sparked my interest in the kitchen. I’m no Barefoot Contessa, but I’ve found cooking to be quite therapeutic and have learned to cook a thing or four! So on a particular day we were craving donuts (but couldn’t find anyone to deliver), we decided to make our own.


Yes, You Can Make Your Own Donuts


Homemade Donuts

Prep time: Approx. 55 minutes

Serves: Makes about 16 mini donuts, depending on how big you want to make them 



For the dough

1 pack Maya complete Hotcake Mix 200g

1 tsp baking powder

1 egg

2 tbsps oil OR melted butter

2 tbsps fresh milk


Flour as needed for dusting

Oil for deep frying


For toppings

White sugar or cinnamon and coconut sugar

Nutella, sprinkles and marshmallows

(Really, whatever you want or have in your kitchen will do)



To make the dough, combine dry ingredients; hotcake mix and baking powder in a bowl. In a separate container, mix together wet ingredients; egg, milk, oil or melted butter. Gently add wet ingredients to the dry ingredients bowl and mix until you form a dough.


Continue mixing and then knead until dough is smooth and elastic. Roll into a ball, leave it in a bowl and cover with a clean kitchen towel. Let it rest for 10 minutes.


On a floured surface (literally a surface dusted with flour), roll out dough to about one half inch thick. Cut into rounds. No dough cutter? No problem! We used two cups in different sizes to make the rounds and the whole in the middle. Transfer onto a tray lined with parchment paper and heat oil for frying to medium high. Once hot enough, fry donuts in batches; number depends on the size of your pot. We did 2 to 3. Fry until golden brown and drain in a container lined with paper towels to absorb excess oil. 


If desired topping is cinnamon and coconut sugar, dip in mixture while it’s hot to make it stick. Meanwhile, if you prefer to glaze the donut, like with Nutella or peanut butter or whatever spread you have in the pantry, let it cool before coating. Top with marshmallows and sprinkles, or even nuts, for texture.


Best enjoyed with a cuppa joe. Or tea is fine, too.


Have your homemade receipes to share? Comment below or email us at talktous@localhost.



Art Alexandra Lara

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