The New Johnnie Walker Blonde Is Made To Be Mixed

The New Johnnie Walker Blonde Is Made To Be Mixed

Made to be mixed, the Johnnie Walker Blonde introduces a new way to enjoy whisky 



For whisky lovers, Johnnie Walker is a familiar name. You’ll see the recognizable bottle displayed behind bars everywhere you go, on a table at a house party or poured into glasses and used to toast celebrations. 


But Johnnie Walker is a brand that knows the reason behind its generational-success is in its ability to adapt. “[The brand is] built on a philosophy of progress that constantly pushes boundaries,” says Hydra Bersales, Diageo Philippines Innovations Marketing Manager. “Johnnie Walker achieves this with the launch of Johnnie Walker Blonde, a blend that’s made for curious Scotch lovers or those who are only beginning to discover whisky.”


Johnnie Walker Blonde is an invitation to experience whisky in a new way, offering an unexpectedly light that makes it unique from other blends from the brand.


The New Johnnie Walker Blonde Is Made To Be Mixed


In a can’t-miss launch event that took place from January 25 to 28, 2024 at Capitol Commons Park, Pasig, guests were able to explore the sweeter side of Johnnie Walker. The bar was filled with a selection of mixers, allowing people to experiment and create their own cocktails—but also had readily-available recipes to try out: a citrusy Johnnie Walker Blonde with Lemon Soda, a sweet and fruity Johnnie Walker Blonde Tropical Slushie and the Johnnie Walker Blonde Wintermelon Highball, which featured a roasted, rich and caramel flavor.


The New Johnnie Walker Blonde Is Made To Be Mixed


Vibrant with subtle fruity notes and a smooth vanilla finish, Johnnie Walker Blonde is made for those who want something lighter or are eager to mix it into a cocktail. It’s made for moments that demand enjoyment, when the conversation is non-stop and you’re just looking to unwind. Made still—of course—from a careful blend of wheat and fruity malt whiskies, the drink serves a depth that’s familiar and satisfying to whisky drinkers.



Guests were also able to jam to the sounds of pop singer-songwriter Timmy Albert and rock band Dilaw, who set the energy and tone of the event, capping off with sets from Orange Juice Asia’s MANILAJUNKIE and Marco Pedro on January 25. January 26, meanwhile, saw performances from indie-alternative band The Nameless Kids and DJ Roy de Borja. 


And while the festivities might be over, the Johnnie Walker Blonde is definitely ready to continue mixing things up. The question is: Are you? 


Johnnie Walker Blonde is now available through Shopee and Lazada, as well as all leading supermarkets nationwide. Drink responsibly.



Art Alexandra Lara


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