Mango Tree: A Staple To Revisit That’s As Authentic As It Gets

Mango Tree: A Staple To Revisit That’s As Authentic As It Gets

We know you’ve heard of Mango Tree, fam, but hear us out



The problem with having a favorite restaurant—a go-to, an always-option, a forever-on-the-table—is that it can sometimes fail you. And there’s nothing quite as disappointing as a favorite disappointing you. This is especially true when it comes to food and even more so when the entire table has put their faith on your choices. 


The trick—if there is one—is to go for the infallible. And today we’re claiming that the infallible is Mango Tree.


Mango Tree: A Staple To Revisit That’s As Authentic As It Gets


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For those living under a rock, Mango Tree serves Thai cuisine that focuses on the balance of four flavors: sweet, sour, salty and spicy. And while the only branch—nestled in BGC, no less—looks cozy and intimate, it actually seats some 210 guests in the fine dining area with some help from the 20-seat solarium and 30-seat mezzanine. 


It’s this combination of big-yet-intimate that makes the setting so perfect for any occasion. Date night? Sure. Meeting with prospective clients? No problem. Want a fuss-free wedding reception? Look no further.



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But let’s get to the real important stuff: the food. 


We mentioned earlier that Mango Tree specializes in Thai food and that, naturally, is their real expertise. Right from the get-go, their Crispy Rice Crackers and Green Mango Salad had us excited for the rest of the meal to come—and none of the dishes disappointed. What followed was their Spicy and Tangy Thai Spareribs (hello, meat lovers; don’t let all the veg scare you away), Vegan Tofu with Cashew Nuts (healthy, but yum), Phadsee with Prawns (personal favorite) and Thai Mochi (non-sweet dessert!). 


Individually, the dishes worked; everything tasted great and the spice level was to our liking (and can be personalized when you order). But what really makes eating at Mango Tree special is that everything on the table tends to play on each other’s flavors, making the experience so much more worthwhile. You won’t have to think about what goes with what as all the orders will naturally balance each other out. Take a bit of one dish’s side salad and pair it with something else—go crazy and get creative; your stomach (really, your taste buds) will thank you for taking the plunge.




Mango Tree has been a staple at BGC since its opening in 2012—a lifetime in the food industry. And while our favorites are always on the menu, seeing new items pop up every six to twelve months is exciting, too—it’s part of what keeps us coming back. 



Mango Tree is located at High Street Central, 7th Avenue, BGC, Taguig. For reservations call (2) 621 3233.



Art Alexandra Lara


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