Applying For A Postal ID During Quarantine

Applying For A Postal ID During Quarantine

Postal ID Application 2023, Spoiler: You (still) can’t do it online



When I was about 17, I got my Student’s Permit—not because I was interested in driving, per se, but because my mother made it a priority that I have a valid ID on me as soon as possible. Before I knew it, I wasn’t driving but had that ID on me for identification purposes, ready for me to whip it out whenever I entered a building or filed for any government-related privileges (lol @ that, as I have never actually cashed in on anything).


But with the pandemic came a newfound realization: not everyone can get a valid ID as easily as I did. I know too many people who weren’t able to get their government-funded subsidies during this pandemic, all because they couldn’t prove they lived in the house they’ve been sleeping in for the last two decades.


It’s insane. So, people, if you don’t have a Postal ID yet, settle down because it’s one of the easiest valid IDs to get—and yes, it’s valid enough for the Department of Foreign Affairs for when you apply for or renew your passport. So now the question is: how to get a Postal ID?


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First things first: The process is still on-ground

We know the convenience of online processing—especially in a time when physical contact is a no-no—but you will still need to apply for your Postal ID on-site.


Just wanted to get that out of the way.


Next: The Postal ID requirements

Of course, applying for your Postal ID calls for some requirements. Get everything together before you head to the nearest post office to minimize the time you’re spending there and the contact you’ll make with people.


  1. Completed application form

The first requirement is two (2) completed application forms, which you can download here. You’ll need the original form and a photocopy.


  1. Proof of identity

You will need one document that proves your identity. And before you start to panic because you don’t have a Driver’s License, a passport or a GSIS/SSS UMID card and you’re getting the Postal ID to get identification, your NSO-issued birth certificate will do.


If you don’t have any of those, you can come with two (2) of the following as long as any one has your photo and signature:

BIR ID Baptismal Certificate Certificate of Birth College or Post-Graduate Transcript of Records
Confirmation Certificate Elementary or High School Form 137 Marriage Certificate Valid Alumni ID
Valid Basic Postal ID Valid College, School or University ID Valid Company ID Valid Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) ID
Valid NBI Clearance Valid OWWA ID Valid Pag-Ibig ID Valid PhilHealth ID
Valid PRC ID Valid Paper-based Postal ID Valid Police Clearance Valid Seaman’s Book
Valid Senior Citizen ID Valid Tax Identification Number Card Valid Voter’s ID
  1. Proof of residence

Next up is one (1) document that proves your address. This can be any of the following:

Barangay Certificate of Residency issued within three (3) months Bank Statement
Certified True Copy of Lease Credit Card Statement
Certified True Copy of Titles issued by the Land Registration Authority (LRA) School Billing Statement
Certified True Copy of Real Estate Tax Receipt Utility Bill (cable, electric, internet, landline, telephone, water)


And that’s it! Unless you’re a foreign resident who has been living in the Philippines for the last six months, in which you’ll still need all the above, but documents for proof of identity and proof of residence are somewhat different. Check them out over here.

Third: Actual submission

To submit the requirements and apply for your Postal ID, all you need to do is head over to any post office. After providing the office with your documents, you’ll be asked to head to any nearby ID capture station. When you’re there, you’ll be photographed and fingerprinted.

Don’t worry, there are over 260 ID capture stations, littered across post offices and selected malls.

And finally: The wait

After everything, you’ll just need to head home and wait for the Postal ID to be delivered to you. Metro Manila residents can expect theirs within 15 working days, while remote barangays and island provinces take some four to five weeks.

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The Postal ID isn’t a requirement by any means, but it is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get valid ID on you—and nowadays, having valid ID is gold. Besides, the Postal ID gives you some goodies that include discounts, freebies and other exclusives from select partners (and who can pass up on those?).



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