Meet the realme 6

Meet the realme 6

Why it’s a solid contender to consider when shopping for a phone in the mid-range category



Last time we unboxed the realme 6i, and we were already impressed specifically with what it can do and at that price point. This time, we’re looking at the realme 6.


Boasting incredible performance, particularly for gaming, flash charging, and badass front and rear cameras, the realme 6 might just be the phone to beat in the mid-range category.


Let’s start with design, which is inspired by a comet that cuts across the night sky. Art imitates life as the smartphone itself is brilliant in design and is fast in performance. Using new optical plating technology, the colors (available in Comet Blue and Comet White) are brighter and even more stunning in real life. Meanwhile the display, at 6.5 inches, Ultra Smooth and capable of producing 90 frames per second, allows a smooth and seamless visual experience with every swipe and tap of the screen. And just like any smartphone today, the screen color’s temperature can be adjusted automatically or manually to reduce blue light radiation and eye strain.


Now onto the real stuff:



The realme 6 features exclusive-to-the-series MediaTek Helio G90T, a powerful and efficient processor designed for the ultimate gaming experience. No really, we’ve been using the realme 6i for 30 minutes to an hour a day to play Call Of Duty for nearly two months, and we have no complaints. Now imagine mobile gaming with this model’s processor combined with the latest updated CPU, GPU, super-fast RAM and powerful AI ?



What else do we all look for in a phone these days? Really, really good cameras that we can use for whatever purpose (you know, taking pretty pictures, documenting ~things~) in every possible condition because not all of us have floor-to-ceiling windows or ring lights. Guess we’re in luck cause the realme 6 features a 64MP Quad Camera, 8MP 119° ultra-wide-angle lens, a macro lens and a B&W portrait lens, and a 16MP ultra-clear front camera. The best part about the front camera is that it has a brand new beauty algorithm developed for everyone—people of different genders, skin types, facial shapes and features—so selfies are enhanced but still looks natural.



Taking videos with the realme 6 is made easy and fun with Bokeh effect and Slo-Mo features for the front camera, while the rear covers just about the same and more (read: video stabilization and Ultra Wide-Angle). Content creator or not, it’s nice to have a smart tool, like the Sloop App which comes pre-installed in this device, for editing short videos for sharing or personal use. 



And just like its predecessors, the realme 6 comes at configurations and price points that are just too good to pass up on: 4GB RAM + 128GB storage for P11,990 and 8GB RAM + 128GB storage for P13,990.


So just in case you’re shopping around for a new mid-range phone, the realme 6 is a pretty solid contender.



Art Matthew Fetalver

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