I Got My Hands On The Latest Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1

I Got My Hands On The Latest Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1

And it’s made me rethink a few things



The last time I held a Samsung Tablet was some five years ago, when my mother told me she wanted to transfer all her photos. Like the good daughter I am—just go with it—I tried to do as I was told, albeit (a little) begrudgingly. The tablet was slow to respond, at an odd size and definitely not as beautiful as the ones that I was then used to.


Since then, I can’t say I’ve honestly been interested in the Samsung line of Galaxy Tablets anymore. I had this bias in my head that it would never be able to keep up with the likes of its competitors. But hey, I don’t even remember when that tablet was first bought. And times have certainly changed.


It’s 2019 and some weeks ago, I was able to attend a Netflix streaming party that catered to my introverted side. They gave us all a Samsung Galaxy Tab—one of the Galaxy Tab S5e, Galaxy Tab A with S Pen and Galaxy Tab A 10.1—let us sit in a corner, watch some of our shows and fed us. Perfect.


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But while it was a nice change of pace to attend an event without having to socialize, it was effective, too. I really was able to spend time with the unit (an A 10.1) that they loaned me.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 was quick to respond to the taps I made on the screen, the resolution was clear and the interface was easy to maneuver. I watched the latest season of Black Mirror completely uninterrupted, slightly disturbed and, as the episodes passed, in love with the gadget I was watching on.


It was a little weird, but I felt the tides changing and my loyalties shifting. And you’ll understand why when I start talking specs. After all, what do my opinions matter, right? Let’s stick to the facts here.




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The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 has a 10.1-inch widescreen ultra-extended graphics array display. Powered by the Octa Core 18.GHz processor and the Android 9.0 Pie operating system with 3GB of RAM, you get the power and the speed that you’re looking for. The battery’s also at a reliable 6,150MAh—so do charge it up in the evenings if you want full use the next day.


The build-in features also include Kids Home (hello, parental control!), Dual Speakers with Dolby Atmos and 2D Face Recognition. And all this at a lightweight 470g to lug around.


But the most important aspect might be the price in today’s market. Every tech giant can slap on the latest hardware together and call it a year, but it’s the price that’s do-or-die. Hold on to your hats and start budgeting, because the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 has an SRP of just P16,990.


It’s an amazing deal if you ask me.




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The South Korean company is also offering the likes of the Galaxy Tab S53 and the Galaxy Tab A with S Pen at P26,990 and P15,990, respectively. So depending on what you’re looking for (and what your budget is), there’s definitely something for you.


Time for an upgrade? I already told my mother.



You can learn more about the Samsung Galaxy Tabs right here



Art Alexandra Lara

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