TELUS International Philippines Fosters an Inclusive Work Environment All Year Round

TELUS International Philippines Fosters an Inclusive Work Environment All Year Round

TELUS International continues to promote an inclusive work environment for all their employees



Companies that go beyond supporting the LGBTQIA+ community during Pride Month deserve a huge pat on the back. As they serve as star players in fostering safe spaces for queer employees, they also inspire other companies to push past the trend and make inclusivity part of the norm. One of the MVPs in this area is TELUS International Philippines—particularly for their efforts in building a safe haven for their workers to express themselves freely and feel comfortable in their skin even at work.


One of the company’s efforts to forward diversity, equity and inclusion was their recent collaboration with Spectrum Philippines, where they hosted a drag brunch at Butterboy as an extension of their company-wide drag competition Ready, Set, Drag. The event showcased emerging local drag kings and queens, including Alpha Venti, Savvy Tan and TELUS International’s very own Miss Jamie.


Emerging drag artists Savvy Tan, Alpha Venti and TELUS International Philippines’ Ms. Jamie showcased how drag performances can be a liberating form of self-expression


As a transwoman, Miss Jamie shares that TELUS International has “consistently shown support” for both her drag persona and career growth, which she is forever grateful for. Accompanying Miss Jamie are assigned female at birth (AFAB) drag king Alpha Venti and AFAB drag queen Savvy Tan, both of whom carve out spaces for gender minorities and women in the drag world. They share their empowering stories of transformative self-expression in drag and inspire others to be fearless in embracing their authentic selves. And of course, TELUS International takes strides to ensure that their company foundations support employees in doing just that.


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Going beyond celebrating Pride Month, TELUS International and Spectrum Philippines prioritize establishing systems that enable LGBTQIA+ team members to feel valued and supported. Efforts such as having self-identified male, female and gender-neutral restrooms and sleeping quarters across all sites and offering benefits that extend to same-sex and domestic partners of team members, including their HMO, and continuous education and insurance programs take TELUS International closer to their goal of empowering their employees to feel comfortable in their skin.


Dr. Vic Catanghal of TELUS International shares that other than their partnership with Spectrum Philippines, they have been “conducting HIV awareness sessions and counseling with free testing across our sites” as well as organizing “SOGIE 101 training sessions” that foster an all-around safe space as they also educate employees on allyship and the shared responsibility of ensuring that mutual respect is observed in the company.


TELUS’ Learning and Development Senior Manager Dr. Vic Catanghal at Butterboy

Learning and Development Senior Manager Dr. Vic Catanghal emphasizes that people leaders at TELUS International Philippines are trained and equipped to cultivate the growth of team members regardless of their gender, race or background


It is efforts such as these that restore our faith in humanity and the corporate world. After all, the rights of the LGBTQIA+ community aren’t just a fad for seasonality during Pride Month but a continuous effort that should happen all year round. 



Words Vanessa Tiong

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver


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