An Epic Experience Means This

An Epic Experience Means This

Who can say no to one epic experience?



When I was first offered a credit card—back when I was 21 and working my first job—I felt like a real adult. I swiped every chance I could: every time an ATM was too far away and really just for the sake of it. It was a new experience since my parents had never gave me a supplementary card to theirs. And I took full advantage of it (or so I thought).


Eventually (and inevitably), I got into the roller coaster ride of happy from purchases to shock and disappointment and panic whenever my bill came around. But I felt like I had things under control since I could still pay everything on time. I thought I was knocking this #adulting thing out of the park.


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The thing is, I wasn’t taking full advantage of what my credit card could bring me. I wasn’t thinking about using it for the benefits tied to my bank. When my dad told me to use my points to pay off the annual fee, I brushed it off like nothing. I was fucking striking out.


So, ladies and gents, let my story be a lesson for you: learn your benefits and use them. As great as it is to have a great credit score, you can’t haphazardly swipe for the sake of swiping.


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Listen up, Visa card holders, because this one is for you. Visa Epic Experiences just launched and it has some 30 new dining and travel deals that you can (and should) take advantage of. VIP treatment as an unforgettable and epic experience? Yes, please.


Visa’s partnered up with restaurants all over the Philippines, with Bicol, Baguio, Palawan and Boracay included. And if you want to dine in restaurants such as Ani Restaurant, Daun Lounge and Uma Restaurant in Cebu or Forno Ostaria and Indigo in Boracay or Cavite’s Santis Delicatessen, then you’re covered from that first step into the store to rubbing your bellies in satisfaction.


When it comes to destinations, it’s time to make your way to The Farm at San Benito, The Manor & The Forest Lodge at Camp John Hay, El Nido Resorts Apulit Island the Radisson Blue Cebu Hotel.


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Heed my warning: Take advantage of what’s inside your wallet or card holder. You won’t want for anything else.


Click here to learn more about Visa Epic Experiences.



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