Wonder Treats September 2022: Pancit Canton & McSpicy Faves

Wonder Treats September 2022: Pancit Canton & McSpicy Faves




We’re closing in on the last quarter of the year—can you believe it? We’ve all been so busy with the day to day responsibilities and mishaps that the months have flown by quicker than we expected. But when the world gets busy is when we need to be more mindful of our own state of mind. So this month for Wonder Treats, we’re inviting you take a step back and spend some time with your favorites. And yes, this means the McSpicy, Lucky Me!'s Pancit Canton and a few other items you deserve.


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Lucky Me! Pancit Canton

Everyone’s favorite Lucky Me! Pancit Canton now comes in a fresh new look, but with the same taste that everyone loves! From a hangover cure to sudden midnight cravings, Lucky Me! Pancit Canton is a go-to for satisfying your taste buds in an instant.


Wonder Treats September 2022: Pancit Canton & McSpicy Faves


Lucky Me? We’d say Lucky us, too!


The McSpicy is back

Feeling the need to introduce some spice into your life? Then we suggest the McSpicy—delicious, affordable and forgiving.


This month, McDonald’s announced the return of the McSpicy. The prodigal burger is back, and it’s exactly like you remember. That thick, crispy and spiced chicken cutlet embraced by the fast food chain’s signature sesame buns. 



But the return of the McSpicy also welcomes a few other players to the (dining) table: the Spicy Chicken McDo and the Spicy McNuggets. The question is no longer whether or not you need a little spice in your life; it’s more like “Which version do I need today?”


SaladStop! Yasou!

Healthy isn’t boring and SaladStop! takes this to heart with great-tasting, good-for-you salads, wraps and warm protein bowls. This season, our favorite healthy joint introduces an exciting addition to their menu: Greek-inspired seasonal salad, Yasou!

Get whisked away to dreamy Greece through a delectable mix of ingredients, like romaine, rocket, sun dried tomatoes, candied walnuts, grapes, feta cheese, and shaved parmesan. All these are tossed in a special Greek Vinaigrette that gives it a tangy kick.


Wonder Treats September 2022: Pancit Canton & McSpicy Faves 

But wait, why is it called Yasou!? An informal Greek greeting for hello or cheers, the word literally translates to “good health.” A fitting name because it is good for the skin and heart!


Yasou! is available in all SaladStop! stores until October 31, 2022. Bring-Your-Own Initiative Eat Wide Awake with SaladStop! and join their Bring-Your-Own initiative to help reduce their output of single-use container waste. Bring your own reusable container, preferably 1 liter in size, to any SaladStop! store and get P10 OFF your salad or warm proteins order.


Project Vino doesn’t discriminate (or judge)

Wine tends to be a go or no go for most people; you either like it or you hate it. You either have it every night before you go to bed or you steer completely clear from it. But hey, why judge it?



Project Vino believes that wine shouldn’t be limiting and is for everyone—and we completely agree. Wine is complicated, sure, but that’s what makes it so malleable to personal tastes. So start your wine journey with Project Vino. 


Learn more about Project Vino here


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The holidays are coming up, and that means we’re all going to be busier than ever. But no matter how short those lunch breaks and weekends get, remember: Taking care of yourself doesn’t have to be a big thing. Take it from us, celebrating the short pocket moments sometimes makes all the difference. 



Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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