5 Times FRIENDS Made Us Feel A Little Less Lonely

5 Times FRIENDS Made Us Feel A Little Less Lonely

17 years later, they’re still here for us



On days that you feel like the world is against you, sometimes there’s nothing better than camping in your room and keeping your head occupied until the horrible feeling disappears. To be honest, sometimes a FRIENDS marathon does the trick. Whether we’re getting distracted by their problems that appear larger-than-life or having our day-to-day struggles validated by theirs, FRIENDS has kept a lot of us company for the past decade or two.


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While we manifest that the reunion pulls through (right after David Schwimmer confirmed that it’s happening), let’s look back at the times Phoebe, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Ross made us feel a little less lonely in this horrible world of adulthood:


The One Where They Initiated Rachel Into Adulthood 

Season One, Episode One



This scene is probably the best way of introducing us to FRIENDS. Rachel cutting up her family-funded credit cards is her baptism to full independence. And to do so in the presence of your support system? It’s comforting to know that the initiation towards full, adulthood independence is universal.


The One With Their First Thanksgiving Together

Season One, Episode Nine



Plans never really go our way, do they? In the first (of many) Thanksgiving specials, Mom Friend Blueprint™ Monica does her best to comfort all of them as they decide to stay one by one. It reminds us that when things go haywire in our own lives, at least there’s one solid support group you can find your way back to.


PS. Don’t forget your house keys!


The One With Three Single Girls In Wedding Dresses

Season Four, Episode 20



I believe in the saying, “Jowas are fleeting, but besties are forever.” Not to mention that one of the best ways to get over the horrible feeling of heartbreak is to wallow in it. Doing so with your closest confidants and being dressed up to the nines is an added plus, too. Just like what Rachel, Monica and Phoebe did.


The One Where They All Turn Thirty

Season Seven, Episode 14



You know that odd feeling of despair that clouds over you when you realize that you’re getting older? And then you begin to panic about what you’ve haven’t done? Yeah, all six of our FRIENDS went through that— and none of them handled it well. So don’t sweat, you’re not the only one going crazy about getting older.


The Ones With The Group Hugs

All 10 Seasons



There’s nothing like watching them hug all of their emotions out, whether it’s because Phoebe’s pregnant or they found out that Chandler and Monica are chosen to be adoptive parents. While health protocols don't encourage us being in group anythings, we can settle with hugging our own friends vicariously by (re)watching all 10 seasons or their group hug compilations.


Admittedly, a lot of their jokes didn’t age well, but FRIENDS was a product of the times. When we put these aside, this show proves to be a great mirror of what it’s like navigating your 20s: going into it blindly and often making a ton of mistakes. There’s always a lesson to be learned at the end: whether it’s to sit out relationships for a while or learning how to control your spending when a shiny, new credit card falls onto your lap. Oh, and a wonderful support group who has your back that will always be there.



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Growing up is an uphill battle; whether it’s in your career, in relationships and especially in dealing with yourself. Sometimes, you’re going to feel that you’re alone in dealing with it. But always remember, it won’t be much of a bummer when you have your own squad and FRIENDS to make it a little bit better.


Just like Monica said:



“Welcome to the real world.

It sucks—you’re gonna love it!”



Art Alexandra Lara


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