Advocacy Group We The Youth Vote Has Its Sights Set on the 2022 Elections

Advocacy Group We The Youth Vote Has Its Sights Set on the 2022 Elections

The non-partisan community knows that information—and preparation—is power, and it’s urging today’s youth to show up #40MillionStrong at the 2022 elections we the youth vote!



Eleven months until registration closes and two years until the next election: In the Philippines, the timeline looks generous for the first-time voter. But for We The Youth Vote, a youth-led nonprofit looking to ensure high young voter turnout in 2022, this should signal new voters to take action now.


The movement, which kicked off shortly after voter resumption in September, introduced itself with two hopeful hashtags in tow: #MasMaramiTayo and #40MStrong. (According to the Philippine Statistics Authority, Gen Zers and Millennials are set to make up the biggest voting population in terms of age—18 to 39 years old—by the next election season.) Content creators and artists like Janina Vela, Kerwin King, Ida Anduyan and Jason Dhakal then took to their social channels to rally behind the cause, urging young Filipinos to maximize their voting capacity in 2022’s make-or-break elections.


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We The Youth Vote hopes to serve as a go-to source for anything and everything related to youth voter registration. With the looming COVID-19 pandemic, though, the group and the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) itself understand that they have their work cut out for them.


In responding to the very valid concerns about health and safety, they see the act of providing a steady stream of information as vital. The same can be said about their call for registrants to plan ahead. This is where forums like G! Sa Voter’s Reg come in, so members of the youth can actively participate in the discussion, ask questions and get answers.


From recapping the entire registration journey to providing planning tips that move the process along, We The Youth Vote is using this crucial window to cover all the bases and then dig deeper. Still, the party stresses that it’s ultimately up to potential new voters to do the showing up. “It’s still important to register [even during the pandemic] because you have to make your voice known,” shares COMELEC spokesperson James Jimenez at the forum. “Voter registration is an essential activity. Voter registration is food for democracy.”


It’s a sprint to September 30 of next year. Stay informed and look out for more updates from We The Youth Vote. Follow the youth-led organization on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For a play-by-play on voter registration in 2020, tap here.


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