Say Hello To Wonder After Dark, Our First Podcast Series

Say Hello To Wonder After Dark, Our First Podcast Series

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This should come as no surprise, but here it is: People like to talk—a lot. We talk about the news and complain about the weather; we share our opinions and love hearing celebrity gossip. We kwento what we watched over the weekend, and debate about whether or not that one new series is binge-worthy or is better off saved for a quiet afternoon of no other choices.


Despite the noise and endless topics, however, there are still things that we dare not say out loud. We have thoughts on love and lust and gender and justice that we keep to ourselves. But why? As long as we keep the conversation in a safe space, there’s no reason to keep things buried.


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In Wonder After Dark, our first podcast series, we talk about the nitty gritty. We’re daring to say the thoughts we’ve kept in our heads (or within a safe circle of friends). We’re talking about sex and relationships and everything relevant that surrounds them. Care to sit down and have a listen?


Episode 1: To Marry Or Not To Marry—That Is The Question

With guest Gabby Padilla


In our pilot episode, we sit down and chat with Dead Kids star Gabby Padilla about marrying in this day and age. Is she for it? What’s hindering her from taking the plunge? Does her family pressure her to walk down the aisle? And we, in turn, give our own opinions, our own experiences and divulge the dreams we dreamt with youthful naivety.


Listen to our conversation below (and dare share your thoughts with us on social).



Episode 2: Let’s Talk About The Ex With JP Habac. And No, We Don’t Mean Your Last Relationship

With guest JP Habac


Next up, we’re talking to Gaya Sa Pelikula director JP Habac about the infamous ex (LGBTQIA member)—and how culture might have evolved in terms of tolerance, but not necessarily acceptance.


Listen to the full conversation below and tell us what you think!



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Episode 3: The What, Why & Why The Hell Not Of Sexual Wellness

With Renz and Manuel of Lauvette


In our latest episode, we get a delighter on sexual health and wellness with Renz and Manuel of Lauvette, an avant-garde sex toy shop in the Philippines. They dish out on why sexual health and wellness education are essential and how adding companions in the bedroom—whether with a partner or alone—can do absolute wonders. 
Curious? Listen to our steamy episode below and share your thoughts in the comments.



Wonder After Dark is our first podcast series on sex and relationships by Wonder and Globe Studios. Stay tuned for more and stay curious people.



Art Alexandra Lara

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