All Of The Noise 2019 Music Lineup: It’s On

All Of The Noise 2019 Music Lineup: It’s On

Let’s talk day 2 of All Of The Noise 2019



Music festivals have been all the rage recently—from Coachella to Wanderland and the failure that was the Fyre Festival. It’s a good deal for anyone that has an ear out for the music scene, but only and if only you know what you’re getting into. 


After all, no one wants to waste their day watching performances they can’t appreciate…right? 


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All Of The Noise 2019 has released their final musical lineup for the 3-day event, of which our present attention is currently on November 23—the music showcase. But who exactly are we going to see? 



Not that titles are important, but Deafheaven is an American post-metal band that has a Grammy nomination under their belt. Originally a two-piece that was formed in 2010, the band has since grown to five members—George Clarke, Kerry McCoy, Daniel Tracy, Shiv Mehra and Chris Johnson—and has released four albums. Most notable from their releases is Sunbather, released in 2013, which ended up being one of the best reviewed albums of the year.



Delta Sleep

An English indie-math rock quartet, Delta Sleep, is verse in mixing together indie, electronics and math rock. If you’re unfamiliar with math rock, it’s a genre that’s associated with complex rhythms and song structures—total ear candy for the soul. 




Another indie rock band that All The Noise 2019 is bringing in, is M1LDL1FE, a Singapore-based act that is no stranger to the music festival scene. Formerly known as Take Two, the four-man group specializes in meshing electronic textures and early-2000s dance grooves. 




Veterans in the Philippine music scene, Cambio is up for a much-awaited reunion this November 23 from Raimund Marasigan, Buddy Zabala, Kris Dancel with Ebe Dancel and Diego Mapa. It’s difficult to put these names together, so let’s just give a thanks for All Of The Noise 2019 for making this happen. 



Offshore Music Records 

From powerhouse label Offshore Music Records are collaborative sets by Apartel, Ena Mori and One Click Straight. What will it be like to see these three local acts together on stage? 



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The lineup of All Of The Noise 2019 is completed by indie-rock band Cheats, indie-pop group Autotelic, rock quartets She’s Only Sixteen and Oh, Flamingo! and hip-hop duo Dante & Amigo.




Catch you guys November 22-24, 2019 at Century City Mall Events Hall, yeah?


Early bird passes are now available for All Of The Noise 2019, which you can get here. The limited VIP 2-day pass—which covers Music Talks, Before The Noise evening mixer, Music Showcase and meet-and-greet privileges and Music Market—is P2,500. 


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