The Ghoul Boys Are Back! The Ghost-Hunting Continues With Ryan Bergara & Shane Madej

The Ghoul Boys Are Back! The Ghost-Hunting Continues With Ryan Bergara & Shane Madej

The internet’s favorite Ghoul Boys, Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej, are back to do some more ghost-hunting!



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The boys are back in town for another round of ghost-hunting! Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej are far from done with the ghost-hunting business. After their first rodeo of paranormal investigations with Buzzfeed Unsolved, the dynamic duo will go at it again. A handful of successful seasons and a long break later, the pair have decided to return to the paranormal scene with Ghost Files. This new title comes from Watcher, a production studio they put up with co-founder Steven Lim.


Ghost Files shares the same objective with Buzzfeed Unsolved: to find more damning evidence of the paranormal.



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So, to all the old and new fans, what can you look forward to? We break down what awaits in this exciting series.


More Madness

Hosted by Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej, the chemistry and banter that both are known for remains. If anything, their dynamic changed from a skeptic and a believer to trained collaborators on a mission. As the skeptic, Shane goes all the way in testing Ryan's theory on the paranormal. Remember when he sat on a pentagram in the Sallie House? All this and more might just happen this time around. More than ever, they are determined to accomplish the goal of Ghost Files, which is to answer the question, are ghosts real? 


Long-time fans of the ghoul boys, you know what we're talking about.



Better Production

If anything, Ghost Files puts a lot more effort into the production. When Watcher says we are getting hour-long episodes with this quality, I'm all for it! Just from the first episode, viewers get a sense that the main cast and production crew know what they’re doing when they enter these locations. Ghost Files’ first spot is surprise, surprise at Waverly Hills Sanatorium, a place the two ghost hunters have visited before. So it’s refreshing to see them return to the same site, giving us a completely new viewing experience.



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Bigger Twists

Beyond the production value, the team at Watcher devised strategies to maximize how to get evidence in their visits to haunted locations. For example, they pinpointed specific areas in the Waverly Hills building with the most paranormal activity and focused their investigation there. In every room they enter, the team uses different devices that gauge more interactions with the spirits. Sure, the Spirit Box is iconic, but the new equipment enhances the investigation. Spoiler alert: spirits can make themselves known in other ways we haven't known.  


More than the impressive upgrade, the series invites more fans to participate—a smart move to make it more interactive. Since the program covers various locations, they ask people to submit their personal experiences with the places they have in mind. Given that they gather more evidence from others, their research at the sites can be more probable.



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From the premiere, we have gotten a peek at how Ghost Files stands out. The strength of this series is that it shows improvements from Buzzfeed Unsolved while still keeping the spark of the main hosts— the reasons that made it so iconic in the first place. If the old inquiry is, “Are ghosts real?,” Ghost Files challenges us if we are willing to believe the evidence they gathered in pursuit of this classic question.


New episodes of “Ghost Files” drop every Saturday on Watcher.



Words Moira Luga

Art Macky Arquilla

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